2012 Pittsburgh Steelers Minicamp Talking Points

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2012 mandatory mini-camp gets underway today and below are a few talking points and things to look for over the next few days.

Offense Installation Continues – Things seem to be going right according to schedule with the installation of the offense of Todd Haley thus far. Ben Roethlisberger noted last week that he is getting a better grip of what is going on after the three weeks of OTA sessions. Haley mentioned last week that minicamp will be used to go back through everything that was installed over the course of the last three weeks.

Wallace Absence – ┬áSteelers unrestricted free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace still has not signed his tender and there has been no indication that he will do so this week. Friday, the day after mini-camp wraps up, the Steelers have the option to lower the tender of Wallace from $2.74 million down to $577,000, but all signs point to that not happening, nor should it. Wallace does have his playbook already, and although it would be nice to have him on the field working in the new offense of Haley, it is not likely to happen. General Manager Kevin Colbert stated last week that they are confident that they will get a long-term done at some point, so hopefully by the start of training camp is when we will next see Wallace.

DeCastro, Adams & Ta\’amu PresentDavid DeCastro, Mike Adams and Alameda Ta\’amu are all in town now and will work for the first time on the field since the rookie mini-camp that took place immediately after the draft. Offensive line coach Sean Kugler said last week that he has been in constant communication with his two rookie offensive linemen and that both seem to be studying the playbook thus far and are both asking all the right questions in addition. Kugler said that both DeCastro and Adams will both get quite a bit of work this week at right guard and left tackle respectively with both the first and second team units in an effort to get them up to speed quickly. Kugler also said he would like to have his starting five in place at the conclusion of the week. Ta\’amu will get much needed work with defensive line coach John Mitchell, who will continue his process of breaking down the rookie nose tackle and rebuilding him again.

Harrison & Worilds Participation UnlikelyJason Worilds is not likely to practice this week as he continues to recover from off-season wrist surgery. The team is hopeful that he will be ready by the start of training camp. James Harrison missed quite a bit of time the last few OTA sessions due to fluid build up on his knee. The main goal is for Harrison to arrive at training camp 100% healthy, so it will not be too surprising to hear him being limited this week or not working at all. If he does, all the better. Also still not expected to work this week are Rashard Mendenhall and Casey Hampton as both continue to rehab from knee surgery.

Spence, Rainey & Brown Flashing – We have heard quite a few reports over the course of the last three weeks about second year cornerback Curtis Brown and rookies Chris Rainey and Sean Spence flashing in shorts. Training camp is right around the corner and hopefully these promising reports continue to surface this week.

Staying Healthy – The biggest thing the Steelers can accomplish this week is not to have any serious injuries. They have managed to stay clear of them through the three weeks of OTA sessions and hopefully that continues this final week of work.

  • SteelSpine

    Where did the indication start that the Steelers wouldnt reduce Wallace’s offer from $2.7 mil down to $577K? I know it was speculated by writers, but did any Steeler staff ever say that? If any Steeler staff did say that, then I forgot & I believe it.

    But no Steeler staff said that, then it would make sense for Steelers to lower the offer to minimum, can use the $2 mil difference to pay other players. If cant reach a long-term deal, Wallace will probly play-out this year at 2.7 mil then be free agent, & many assumptions all along have said odds are that is the most likely scenerio, because Steelers situation is unique in the good depth we have at WR, so for Steelers it’s not worth for this season to be paying any receiver top dollar. So what’s the difference between what we’ll get outta Wallace at $2.7 mil this year vs $577K this year, might as well pay him the cheaper of the 2 prices at that point. If he prefers to sit out, then either way we’d be able to use the $2 mil on other players.

  • Guest5

    I’m not sure who said what…but as far as the reasoning behind not reducing it. You’re trying to sign a guy long term…taking away 2 mil from his pay this year will probably not help you in getting a long term deal done. Its an act of good faith by the Steelers not reducing his tender. The only time I’d said reduce it is if they know 100% there isnt going to be a long term deal worked out. Then fine reduce it and use the money elsewhere. I trust in the Steelers here over ANY other person/player/team/etc that thinks they know what should be done or will happen or whatever. Shoot if they end up paying him the full amount for the one year and no long term deal…so be it, he’s earned the money playing like he has.

    Also I’m not 100% on the boat with some saying “oh our depth and WRs we have are soo good they can loose Wallace next year”. Yes Brown was great last year (just 1 yr), yes Cotchery is back for a couple years…and yes Sanders is healthy (but is still somewhat of an unknown at this point due to all the injuries). Nothing against those guys…but I’d much rather include Wallace in with that bunch and I’d feel great about the WRs…without him…eh…”so-so”.

  • Jprankster2005

    I’m so tired of them saying they won’t reduce Wallace salary, If he doesn’t sign it they should send a message……Everyone else signed there tenders and have been in OTA’s and minicamp….. I can’t blieve they wouldn’t reduce it, It just doesn’t seem the steelers play around with guys, They haven’t in the past and shouldnt start……I just wish this guy would either sign what there offering or ask for a trade……

  • Jprankster2005

    I agree, If he doesn’t get what he wants he’s going to walk anyways……. So just let him play out his contract for 577K….. Instead of the 2.74, And there are more important pieces to sign than Wallace….. There are alot of guys that are coming on to be FA’s next yr. and we will be way over the cap again so why not save some money for them…….That’s why I say this and cut Scott and Allen if they don’t plan on playing them they can get cheaper backups…….As well as hampton if he can’t play……That’s alot of money saved to sign others and not break the cap on one guy and then have to pick between Sanders and Brown…… I think there the best 2 out of the 3 and would rather have them 2 then Wallace and one of them……. Sanders is going to have a monster yr. if he stays healthy……. And steeler nation will see Wallace is replaceable…….So go ahead and start running off at the mouth and tell me I’m stupid but It’s just the truth…… We shouldn’t cave in for noone…..

  • Steel Hurtin

    Didn’t Hines hold out a time or two? Seems like it panned out alright for him.. Put yourself in Wallace’s shoes, if you clearly outplayed your rookie contract, wouldn’t you want paid???

  • Jprankster2005

    Yeah but I’m sure he has been offered what he’s worth to the Steelers, Maybe not what he’s worth to other teams, But then again he wasn’t worth a first round pick……His contract is up but the steelers have the right to offer him the tender and they did and gave him the highest one…… He should sign work out and accept what there offering or asked to be traded…..

  • Jprankster2005

    I’m pretty sure the steelers already offered what they have, And there not close in contract negotians and I don’t think the Steelers are going to budge much more than they have offered…I don’t know what they offered but they need to think about future not just this yr……If they don’t think they can sign him then reduce it……. Or let him play games all offseason and not be ready when it’s time…….I say trade him……

  • SteelSpine

    I agree with each one of those additional points there that you listed, & you gave logic behind each of them.

  • SteelSpine

    I remember Hines was actually under contract when he held out, he had a year left on his contract. I think it was lousy for anyone even great Hines to not honor contract, I know players started doing that decades ago but I have always thought that habit gives bad precedent – other players see owners caving in so they hold out too. I know players’ argument is teams can cut players under contract.

    Wallace has no such leverage though because we have significantly better depth at WR than when Hines held out. Hines indeed became super bowl MVP at end of that next season. Maybe Hines getting cut now was a little karma coming back around? I like what Wallace adds on field. But if he is still holding out after preseason starts instead of practicing timing with the new offense, & if he does not have a super year this year, I will remember this holdout.

  • Jprankster2005

    Your about the only one that agrees with me on this subject……. I just think he ridicolous he still hasn’t signed the tender and will actually wait until friday to do it so he doesn’t have to be at mini camp and if he was signed and didn’t show up they could fine him…. If he waits after friday he’s taking a huge gamble and will lose even more respect….. Then if they turn around and give him a big contract there setting thereselves up for the same thing with other players in the future….Wallace has no class to me…… I think brown loves being a steeler and will sign the tender and take what he is offered next yr. if he doesn’t get offered something before that…….I think they should try to get brown cheap this yr and forget about Wallace and try and trade him, I don’t think they should give sanders a contract until after next yr… He hasn’t proved anything yet but that he get’s injured……But I think if he doesn’t have injuries he will have a big yr…

  • Jprankster2005

    Just curious what do you guys think Wallace is worth? Everybody has there opinions about reducing the tender and giving him a long term contract……. My opinion in Wallace is he’s worth a contract of 5 yrs. 35 million…… With a 5 million bonus about 10 guarnteed…..