Colt McCoy Says Hit By James Harrison Last Season Was Not A Cheap Shot

Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy was on The Dan Patrick Show this past Friday and he was asked about the fourth quarter hit that he took from Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison during the week 14 game.

Patrick first asked McCoy if he remembered the hit and the quarterback replied, “Well, I’ve seen it several times. I don’t remember it.” Patrick later asked McCoy if he thought it was a cheap shot. “No, I don’t think so,” said McCoy. When pressed further if he thought it was a football hit, McCoy replied, “In all the rules, I’m outside the pocket, I’m trying to make a play. I’ve seen the hit. I’ve watched it. Again, I don’t remember it, so I don’t know.”

Harrison was penalized on the play for roughing the passer for a helmet-to-facemask hit and was subsequently suspended  for one game without pay for what was deemed his fifth illegal hit on a quarterback in the past three seasons. Harrison appealed the suspension, but it was denied by appeals officer Ted Cottrell, and Harrison was forced to miss the week 14 game against the San Francisco 49ers as a result.

The league showed their hypocrisy and was temporarily selling pictures of a concussed McCoy sitting on the ground being attended by the Browns medical staff, until I called them out on it.

McCoy ended up missing the final three games of the season because of lingering concussion symptoms, but the team doctors allowed him to return to the game against the Steelers without testing the second year quarterback properly for a concussion. In fact, the Browns didn\’t even give the standard SCAT2 concussion test to McCoy until the next morning. The fallout from that was significant, especially in light of the recent suicide of Junior Seau.

So while many still dub Harrison a dirty player, it was his hit on McCoy that exposed an even dirtier flaw in player safety, something that commissioner Roger Goodell claimed to be cracking down on. Several months later McCoy might not remember the play, but he does not think it was a cheap shot, he is just not sure if it was a football hit.

  • Jabsosteel

    Oh boy, Colt McCoy is in for it now…Roger “Stooge” Goodell is likely to give him a suspension just for saying that the hit against him was legal. Because we’ve all learned that NOONE goes against The Stuffed Shirt in the big, corner office.


    I think I would rather have Goodell mad at me than Harrison!

  • RIP

    McCoy has very little future in the NFL

  • fire arians

    of course, anyone with any knowledge of football would know that wasn’t a dirty hit. if you can’t handle the heat don’t tuck it and run.

  • fire arians

    nope. drafting weeden was prolly the nail in the coffin for his career as a starter

  • JZ

    Would not mind seeing C McCoy as Big Bens backup in the near future.

  • Jprankster2005

    It was a nasty hit, But I truly don’t think in the 2 seconds it happened he intended on in being helmet to helmet…… but it was illegal lol……


    And to think that if we had only traded up, we could have had Weeden instead of DeCastro.

  • LouPGH

    You have to feel a little bad for McCoy. If only he threw a football or managed the game as well as he has handled the public embarrassment the Browns have put him through.

  • Villian157

    No one thought it wasa dirty hit…. except Goodell. Anyone ever ask Goodell what he did with the fine money?