David DeCastro, Mike Adams & Alameda Ta\’amu Will All Be At Mini-camp Next Week

We finally have some clarification on the mini-camp status of rookies David DeCastro, Mike Adams and Alameda Ta\’amu, all of whom have been forced to miss the first three OTA sessions of the 2012 season because of college graduation requirements. Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports via Twitter on Tuesday that all three of the Steelers draft picks will be at the mandatory mini-camp next week that gets underway next Tuesday in Pittsburgh.

Of the three players, only DeCastro is unsigned and that could very possibly take place over the course of this week as more and more of the first round draft picks are coming to terms by the day. DeCastro should be able to participate even if he is unsigned by next Tuesday.

The news is important because both DeCastro and Adams are seen as possible week one starters on the Steelers rebuilt offensive line at right guard and left tackle respectively. With the installation of the new offense of Todd Haley now in mid-stream, the two top draft picks are behind in their development on the field. The three day mini-camp should allow all three players an opportunity to get extensive work and cram as much as they can into the last session prior to reporting for training camp in late July.

In the absence of both DeCastro and Adams, Ramon Foster is speculated as seeing the most reps at right guard, where he ended the 2011 season as the starter. Marcus Gilbert, Johnathan Scott and Trai Essex all have reportedly seen reps with the first team at the left tackle spot.

  • SteelerDave

    Great to hear though to be expected all will be there if possible regarding college. I’m so pleased still we were lucky enough to land DeCastro and he knows his money is coming. Unlike Wallace, DeCastro will be there as a show of good faith in working out a fair contract.

    We really do need Adams to show he is doing everything possible to both keep his life professional and to excel as our long term solution at LT. J-Scott should, at the best, be a back-up RT and should never see LT again in his career. I’m still in favor of cutting him and saving the money now and giving his spot to someone with potential for the future, potential beyond standing there watching Ben on his back game after game of being exploited at LT. Essex could do decent at LT in reserve/emergency but is not starter caliber. We need Gilbert to devote himself entirely to RT or if Adams fails entirely at LT.

    One must think, assuming Colon is healthy and plays up to his potential at LG, that if Adams fails then we must look to bring back Starks and draft either a RT or LT in the top three or four rounds next season.

  • 74Steelers

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  • Derick

    I think training camp will spell the end of Scott and Starks will get a 1 year deal again, imo. pure speculation on my part but it has happened before as we all well know. 2.2 million for that product of an OT… please. I’d rather have the less expensive and more versatile Essex along with a healing Starks. What is Tony Hills doing? I mean really, Scott is the definition of overpaid players.

  • barcat

    Tony Hills is currently on Denver’s roster

  • Joed32

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  • Miguelgutierrezvazquez

    very good observation, if it is possible let out J-Scoot and Exxes and will get some pleayer of free agency