\’He Should Be Here\’, Says Art Rooney II – What Were Those Four Words Worth?

Any time that Pittsburgh Steelers Team President Art Rooney II talks, it is usually news worthy. Rooney II, according to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, said Wednesday in regard to restricted free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace, “He should be here.”

When NFL Total Access reported those four words Wednesday evening on their broadcast, they said take them for what they are worth. What were they worth? What message was Rooney II trying to send with those four words, and exactly what context were they used in? He obviously knew the statement would make news, but without additional words attached to the statement, you have to wonder what good it was to say them.

Was it merely that Rooney was trying to voice his displeasure that Wallace still has yet to sign his one-year tender? It sounds that way as reported by Dulac. He certainly could not think by just uttering those four words that Wallace would pick up the phone and book the next flight to Pittsburgh. It certainly did nothing to heat up contract negotiations, which by all appearances seem to have stalled. So what was the use in saying them?

Despite all of the speculation, nobody outside the organization knows what the contractual demands of Wallace are and what the Steelers have offered him thus far. Sure we have all heard that Wallace is rumored to be asking for Larry Fitzgerald type money, but that has never been substantiated outside of the report made by San Francisco 49ers beat writer Matt Barrows. Wallace, nor his agent Bus Cook, have disclosed what type of money the receiver is looking for. The only other thing close to a demand that we have to go on are the words of Ike Taylor, who claims that Wallace told him that he wants his paper.

The Steelers organization has said all along that their priority this off-season was to get a long-term deal done with Wallace. They want him Pittsburgh and Wallace wants to remain in Pittsburgh as well. The June 15th deadline will pass as if it is just another Friday, as the Steelers will reportedly not exercise their right to lower the tender offer to Wallace. Nothing good would come out of that anyway and they never have given any indication that it was ever in their plans.

Despite everything that has not happened so far, and there has been a lot of that, the Steelers brass is still confident that a long-term deal will get done. The only real question now is when. After the Thursday mini-camp practice concludes, the next stop is training camp. At that time we should expect Rooney II to say, “He should be here,” or “Glad he is here.”

So what are those four words worth that Rooney II said on Wednesday? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  • RIP

    Maybe the team will lower his salary, might get his attention. I think they will do what they need to do and he will do the same. as long as he gets to Latrobe I don’t have a problem.

    The real problem going forward is that Brown and Sanders will be doing the same thing next season.

    He sould be here really was a stupid remark

  • Mancoljduf11

    why are the owner and The Gm/Headcoach’s comments completly contridicting eachother, kevin Colbert says they are continuing to negoiate and feels confident about getting a deal done before treining camp, Mike Wallace tells steve wyche that they are continuing to talk and that the tals are not acromonious, Mike Tomlin says that it is short term misery and that he understands the buisness side of the leauge. And yet Art Rooney has to make a cryptic comment that makes the situation seem worse then what it really is, if he was going to be so cryptic then he should have just said no comment when he was asked about it

  • Jprankster2005

    They should lower the salary…… Or trade him, I can’t remember how many hours you have to send notification to Wallace saying you will lower the salary but It won’t happen and there going to let him play games…… I just hope they dont’ overspend on this guy……. We got guys up next yr. we need to get locked up long term…..And a few this yr. that I wouldn’t mind….. Foster,Legursky,Lewis, Mundy are just a few guys that would be nice to lock em up for a few yrs…..

  • Jprankster2005

    I asked this question before, And there are a couple that think that wallace’s salary should be reduced and others think he deserves a huge contract…… I’m curious what do you think the contract of wallace should be? How many yrs. and money and guartneed money?

  • Aggiebones

    If he doesn’t intend to ever show up until late in the year, then lowering the number would mean they pay him less as he walks through the season and ultimately, potentially destroys the Steelers chances at success. Not sure when the last chance to lower his tender is, but they should take it. He may try the VJackson route. If he does, I hope he makes less money overall, just like Jackson did. VJ missed most of 2 years and hampered his team with ridiculous contract demands. Then ultimately got pretty much the same contract SD would have signed him to had he sat down to negotiate. So he lost most of 2 years of income.

  • Phantaskippy

    Does Mike Wallace = Greg Jennings?

    Jennings got 8 million a year, and that contract is almost up.

    I think Wallace should get paid in the 6-8 million range, and could demand more if he has a big year. Could the Steelers afford that contract?

  • Jprankster2005

    I say around 5 to 6 million would be fair……. 5 yr. 30 million……..

  • Jprankster2005

    With the money Wallace has made in his 3 yrs. I don’t think he has the leverage or income to do that……. What he will do if he doesn’t get his way sign the tender late and screw off the season like D. Jackson did last yr……. That’s why I wanted this guy traded and would of put a Hill or Randle from the draft in here…….

  • Kaybee705059

    Right now Wallace is a one trick pony……GO ROUTE! Until he has established himself as an accomplished route runner he doesn’t deserve the BIG money, especially not FITZ money. With the new offensive scheme the Steelers are installing, we need guys who can run routes. With play action, Brow and Sanders can get behind DB’s! I understand Mike zeal to get the money, but the history of my beloved Steelers depicts differently! Name one WR who played fro the Steelers that has received top 5 $$$$….EVER!!!! Then look at the names of the WR’s in the organization who played before Wallace, and participated in our 6 Superbowls…including PRO BOWLER, SUPERBOWL MVP, and Future Hall of Famer Hines Ward! Does he really deserve Top 5 money. I don’t think so. We will get a deal done for Wallace, but it’s not going to be what he is asking for. I’m thinking another 3 years at about $4.5. That will puut him at 13.5 million! Thoughts?

  • Jprankster2005

    You might want to bring this up in a more recent article because alot of people don’t scroll down and read the comments this many articles down……. I asked the same question…….He will walk for that……. I agree with what your saying……..But I’m sure he’s been offered atleast 5 yr. 30 million…….That’s what I think he’s worth about 5 to 6 million a yr……. Ask the same question on one of the top articles and you will get more responses…… Alot of people will tell you he’s worth 10 million……

  • kevin

    Really, because Robert Meachem makes 6.5, Holmes makes 9.5, Garcon makes over 7 million, but Wallace is only worth 6 million on the open market.

  • kevin

    Whether he gets the money from the Steelers and whether he is worth top-5 money are two completely unrelated questions. Have you even looked at WR salaries lately? I am guessing that you haven’t because Josh Morgan makes that much.

  • Dcpfjr

    “So what are those four words worth that Rooney II said on Wednesday? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

    I disagree. In my opinion, his absence is costing him money that Rooney would have given him in a long term contract. To me Rooney is saying, “The longer you stay away, the less you are going to get.”