Jason Worilds Should Be Ready By Training Camp & Expects To Stay Put Outside

Pittsburgh Steelers third year outside line backer Jason Worilds was on Sirius XM NFL Radio two weeks ago to talk a little about his status for training camp and where he sees himself fitting into the defense this year.

The Virginia Tech product was asked about where he thought he currently was at in achieving his off-season goals. “Physically it is not where I want to be,” said Worilds, who had had scapholunate diastasis surgery on his left wrist this past off-season. “I think I\’m right on the cusp of that. I think this next month and a half will help me complete that goal. The rest from there is just getting into camp and playing ball.”

Worilds was next asked by host Andrew Bogusch how the wrist was doing. “The wrist is doing fine,” said Worilds. When pressed further by Bogusch if he would be ready in time for training camp, Worilds said, “Yeah, I should be ready by training camp.”

Worilds admitted during the interview that it is difficult for him to crack the starting lineup this year with both LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison ahead him. “It\’s hard to crack that rotation,” said Worilds. “But I think that last year I was able to go out there and kind of put a better foot forward and this year I\’m looking forward to put my best foot forward.”

It had been rumored earlier this off-season that the Steelers might look to move Worilds inside this year, but with the drafting of  linebacker Sean Spence in the third round of the draft back in April, he is most assuredly going to stay put outside. Bogusch asked Worilds about that rumored move inside, and if it was still a possibility. “At this point I\’m still an outside guy,” said Worilds. “I rush the passer, I mean whatever it takes, so if I have to rush the passer from the inside spot, that\’s fine. I think the coaches understand that and they\’re going to put me and the defense in the best position that they play.”

Worilds was unable to participate in the OTA sessions and mini-camp this year due to rehabbing his wrist, so the next thing that we will look for is if he will be cleared by the doctors to start practicing in practices when he reports to Latrobe later next month. If not cleared, he will start training camp on the active PUP list.

Thank to the fine folks at Sirius XM for passing along the interview to me and I highly recommend you become a subscriber if not already.

  • DoctorNoah

    When was his surgery performed? Anyone know who did it?

    Players and agents talking about when they’re ready and how their recovery is going is a load of horsecrap, IMHO. About as useful and informative as Tomlinspeak.

  • akyourasea

    I had the same surgery on my left wrist in early March. There were pins inserted to hold the wrist in place for 8-10 weeks. After the pins were removed, you’re restricted from contact sports or heavy lifting for another 12 weeks while the wrist heals. I am almost 4 weeks away from being released from those restrictions. But you rehab during this time to get back all the movement in your wrist. If Jason is on a similar schedule, he should be cleared before or early in training camp — though his full strength in that wrist may be another few weeks after that.

  • Jason Brown

    This guy had better get on the field or else the only spot that he’s gonna be holding down is on his couch managing the remote control.