Kevin Colbert Says No Leverage To Be Gained By Mike Wallace Being Absent

If you had June 15th circled on your calendar as an important date for the Pittsburgh Steelers and restricted free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace, you should know that it is just another Friday in June. I have long said that the Steelers would not lower the tender of the fourth year receiver from $2.74 million down to $577,000, even though they had the ability to do so at their disposal.

General Manager Kevin Colbert updated the situation with Wallace on 105.9 The X on Thursday and stated what most of us already knew would not happen on Friday.

Colbert was asked if talks were still ongoing with Wallace and his agent Bus Cook first. “We\’re in talks with Mike, and again, the last time he was here was about three weeks ago. He stopped in, talked to everybody, got his playbook, and its a process,” said Colbert. The GM continued, “It\’s a very important deal for Mike, it\’s an important deal for us. Both sides are positive and we have started. And like Art (Rooney II) stated yesterday, we wish Mike was here, but he\’s not under contract, so technically he doesn\’t have to be here. But everything is positive at this point. Its just a process at this point, but once we get it all taken care of, I think everyone is going to be happy.”

Colbert was asked if Wallace not being present for the off-season program was the only leverage that the young receiver had left to use and if he sees Wallace\’s side of things. “Yeah, but really there\’s no leverage to be gained,” said Colbert. “Again, its been a positive exchange whenever we\’ve talked to Mike or talked with his agent, so really it\’s not about leverage at this point. I think what both Mike (Tomlin) and Art were talking about is he needs to there to stay in phase and stay up with learning of the new offense, the meshing with Ben (Roethlisberger) on the new routes that he\’ll be running. But he didn\’t, so we have to move on and hopefully we get him in here before training camp and get him caught up.”

Lastly, Colbert was asked to confirm whether or not the tender of Wallace would be reduced on Friday. “No that\’s never been an intention of ours. You know when we tendered Mike at the amount we did, and the compensation that\’s due that tender, we really had no issue with that whatsoever, because he\’s deserving of that,” said Colbert. “And you know again, we want him to get a long-term deal that he deserves and I\’m real confident that we\’ll be able to do that, because again, when both sides want the same thing, I think it\’s just a matter of time.”

  • Jprankster2005

    So I just saw on Rotoworld that Wallace is seeking 12-16 million a yr…… Check it out if you don’t believe me……. I think this dude has lost it if this is true……

  • Daveb1952

    Does the process include collecting as many pop bottles as they can to come up with the funds to pay Wallace’s next contract? I wonder who else they are negotiating with to come up with some funds? IMO, the long term deal will happen at or shortly after training camp opens.JMO

  • Jason White

    Im optimistic that a deal will get done but if it don’t I’m happy with Brown and Sanders. It’s kind of a bummer knowing that its gonna be hard to keep all three. The question is if you were losing one, which one would you give up? It’s a tough one. I love what Wallace brings to the table and I think Brown is a class act. Sanders has been hampered by injuries but I think he is going to overcome that and he will have a good season. He is the most polished of the three and I’d hate to see him leave.

  • 8forty

    Good point, considering everything which one of the three would you give up? For me it would be Wallace by a hair right now, but that could change next year when Brown and Sanders start to negotiate.

  • Jason White

    If it is true I say let him walk. They will be able to keep Brown and Sanders both for less.

  • The article provides no source to back up the statement. It looks like yet another article regurgitating the same, old, tired “Fitzgerald money” rumor.

  • Mancoljduf11

    i did check it out, and all i have to say is i suggest you dont listen to rotoworld because they just take headlines from other media sources and combine it into one article, after reading this article on Kevin Colbert do you really beleive that is true.

  • Kris

    i’m fine with wallace holding out. clearly he is worth more than he made last season and worth more than the 2.74 million he would get this season. why have fans “turned” on this guy? he isn’t causing trouble. he isn’t saying anything negative. heck, he isn’t saying anything at all. he is negotiating and he is doing what he thinks is best for him. you have to take care of number 1 first. let’s not use the money hungry athlete angle; he has a certain market value and he should get paid accordingly. i have no problem with wallace holding out. eventually he will play. he has too.

  • Pete

    If there is a long term deal for Wallace, there is no way he’ll get Fitz money from the Steelers. He will have to moderate his demands if that is what he wants. We know he wants to get paid but we don’t know how much. If they are in cordial talks then it looks like he and the Steelers will be able to come to a deal that satisfies everyone.

  • Jprankster2005

    I don’t know how much he’s wanting……. I’m just saying that’s what it says and they are pretty much the first to update on everything…… There the best all around news site out there……. So yes it’s probably from the Fitzgerald money thing there talking about……..But who knows…..

  • Jprankster2005

    I’m telling you Wallace is not going to get a long term deal unless it’s cheap they don’t have the room for it, Especially with being probably way over the cap next yr. and alot of FA’s…… I don’t see it happening because I think what there offering is not what he wants……And I surely don’t see them signing him until he signs the tender anyways…… Just what I think but don’t be shocked to see Wallace walk next yr. like Burress did…..

  • Mancoljduf11

    you have your own opinion but you do relize that they have repediatly said that they are currently negoiating, despite the fact that he has not singed his tender and that is a fact, and people were saying before this offseason that they might not have enough cap room to even give wallace and the other restricted free agents tenders and they cut over 30 mil in cap space without skipping a beat, there is alot more they will do to get under the cap agian next year and i think that they will use the franchise tag on wallace if a deal is not reached by then

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Not sure if I have said this on this site before or not but I shall repeat. When the Steelers have said a certain guy is a priority to sign for that season it gets done…cant remember the last time they did not…maybe Dave would know

  • Pete reports the same thing, “Wallace reportedly is seeking money comparable to the deals of Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald, each of whom received $16 million-plus per year in extensions signed since last August. (Wallace and Johnson also share an agent, James “Bus” Cook.)”

    Ike Taylor recently reported that Wallace, “wants his paper.” Taylor counseled him to be wise, “You need football. Football doesn’t need you.” Wallace also reportedly said he has better yds per catch in his first 3 season than Jerry Rice and Moss. I’m beginning to believe the reports are not too far off the mark. The man wants to be paid what he believes he’s worth. I just don’t see the Steelers paying that kind of money. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Jprankster2005

    We have our opinions but we are all steelers fans…….. I just don’t see it happening……..His agent is proabably telling him if you can’t get the max this yr. wait til next and sign a bigger one……. His head is blown up to where he isn’t going to sign a contract like V. Jackson he thinks he’s better so he wants more money……..The steelers aren’t going to pay that for a reciver yes they say there in talks what do you want them to say, No were not……. They didn’t reduce the tender because there no where near the amount to settle on a contract……. I’m telling you there’s something different about Wallace and this contract that isn’t going to happen……And why would they put there selves threw this again next yr. with the Franchise tag there going to be in worse shape next yr. cap space there not going to put it on him…….