Mike Adams Will Miss Steelers Final OTA Session As Originally Expected

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette speculated on Wednesday of last week that rookie tackle Mike Adams might be able to attend the Pittsburgh Steelers third and final OTA session that gets underway this week after being told last Tuesday that players can attend once their course work ends, not necessarily when the semester ends. Unfortunately that will not be the case as Adams will not be in Pittsburgh this week according to Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Adams should still be able to make the final mini-camp that runs June 12-14 as Ohio State graduates next weekend. Like Adams, both David DeCastro and Alameda Ta\’amu will also miss their third OTA session this week in addition. It is still unknown for certain if either of those two players will be able to join Adams in making the final mini-camp just yet. The University of Washington reportedly has commencement dates of June 8-10, while Stanford University commencement dates are set for June 14-17.

Adams, who was drafted by the Steelers in the second round this past April, is considered by many to be a candidate to compete for the starting left tackle spot this year, but missing all of the OTA sessions, along with the installation of the new offense of Todd Haley, has certainly not helped his chances. The same could be said for DeCastro, who the Steelers likely hope can win the starting right guard job this year out of training camp. DeCastro however is considered more NFL ready than Adams following the draft and both still have all of training camp to make their marks and win starting spots on the offensive line.

  • Kingmagyar

    Unbelievable how stupid this rule is. Ta’amu is a 4th round draft choice that normally would be fighting for his life to earn a roster spot. So say somewhere someday a similar player can’t take part in OTAs so he’s sitting around at his college waiting and doing nothing. He can’t catch up at training camp because of the missed OTAs and is cut. Dream Over, and for what? A final exam he could take online? A commencement ceremony? Can the player just say I quit school and I’m going to OTAs? Screw you guys I’m going to try and make a NFL team. I’m not going to be working as a janitor in two years because my school wants me to be on campus for a final exam.

  • RMSteeler

    Hopefully Adams isn’t just waiting and sitting around. With the minimal bench press reps from the combine, I hope he’s living in the weight room. I know that lower body strength is possibly more important for a lineman, and the combine routine doesn’t rate lower body strength, but to put up DB like reps on the bench should have been a little embarrassing to him. DT’s and DE’s have likely made note of this and he will be tested. Hopefully, not at Ben’s expense.