Steelers Fan In D.C. Should Consider James Harrison Security Method To Prevent Banner Theft

Libby Kavoulakis, a Pittsburgh Steelers fan in the District of Columbia, can\’t seem to catch a break as she has had several Steelers banners stolen from outside her home dating back to 2006.

Despite all the thefts, Kaoulakis has continued to show her love for the Black and Gold by continuing to buy replacement banners to hang in place of the stolen ones, only to have them stolen as well. Kaoulakis recently decided to install security cameras at her house in an attempt to catch the thieves in action and finally accomplished her goal when those cameras caught yet another banner theft in action at the end of May.

Two grainy videos of the most recent theft are now up on Youtube and Kavoulakis plans to have the images enhanced in hopes that the face of the man and the car\’s license plate can be better seen and the perpetrators brought to justice.

The story goes on to say that Kavoulakis lives in an area of D.C. called Cleveland Park. While there is no evidence that a Cleveland Browns fan is behind the thefts, it surely makes for an even better end to the story should it come to light that a Browns fan ends up being charged with the crimes.

Instead of installing security cameras, perhaps using the James Harrison security method might be the better way to go in the future. It has been proven to be 100% effective in catching trespassers.

  • JayBirdDC

    To know that this happened to a fellow Steelers fan, a fellow DCer, a neighbor (I also live in Cleveland Park), and a fellow Greek makes me sick. It looks like some high school punk did it. Hopefully the person is caught.

  • Fish

    That would be great to see Silverback jump out of the bushes when the punk is on the second pull of the banner, snatch him up ( and make sure there’s a close up of the guy’s mug to see the reaction ), and instead of letting up like he did with the Brown’s fan, complete the suplex move full on WWF style. That would be priceless.

  • SteelSpine

    Sorry but Libby seems simply stupid putting a banner outside her house instead of inside in a city which has a different NFL team. Hang em all over inside your house, & hang a big one outside if you live anywhere in west half of PA. But Libby doing that is no smarter than hanging a big Ravens banner in Pittsburgh. How long would a huge Ravens banner last on a house in Pgh…. probly not long where I grew up.

  • PoKey21

    She should buy a rottweiler and tie him up right underneath the banner. Then again it is DC, she should probably have a gun.

  • Volk3nine

    Is there a football team in DC?

  • Derick

    lol Dave, great post man made me laugh and remind me why I love Steelers Nation!

  • Californiachris

    Good one, Thanks, heheh. Redskins are such a mess.