Steelers Six From Around The Web – June 14th – Antonio Brown Talks Contract Year Edition

The Top 100 Players of 2012 rolled on last night with Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger ranking 30th and outside linebacker James Harrison ranking 29th on the list that none of the players seem to admit voting for.

Emmanuel Sanders joined 93.7 The Fan to talk about how the learning of the offense is going and how he currently still is the return man heading out of mini camp.

The latest edition of Agree to Disagree with Bob Labriola and Mike Prisuta is now up on as they talk Steelers mini camp.

Mark Kaboly has a great piece on running backs coach Kirby Wilson, who is back to being himself again, as he contionues to recover from the January fire that almost cost him his life.

Antonio Brown was on NBC SportsTalk wednesday and talked about his own status as a player heading into the final year of his contract and how he plans to handle things next year at this time.

The great Terry Bradshaw was on The Tonight Show Wednesday and absolutely killed it. Watch for when he is asked how many consussions he has had.

  • Pete

    The more I listen to A Brown, the more I love him as a Steeler. It will be interesting to see how he handles things next year. I do like that he said he hopes to handle things “differently” when his time comes next year. I really hope the Steelers manage to keep both Brown and Sanders next year.

  • Pete

    Interesting comments by Bradshaw where he states if he had a child today, he wouldn’t let him play football. At the same time, if asked if he would do it again, “we know what we checked in for and the question is would you do it again? Absolutely!”

    This reminded me of a documentary I saw long ago of former NFL players who were in pain after many surgeries and the issue was addiction to medication. And there was this former Dallas Cowboy who ran a string of restaurants. His hips and knees were really messed up so he couldn’t walk right and of course he was on pain killers. But again, when asked if he would do it again, he didn’t even hesitate. He said yep, in a heart beat. He talked of the glory and fans cheering, adrenaline pumping, competing. He said it was all worth it. I was a kid at the time and I was floored when I heard him say that.