Latest Ziggy Hood Training Video Should Get You Pumped For Training Camp

If you have been following along here all spring and summer you certainly are well aware of the hard work that Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Ziggy Hood is putting in this off-season. Hood has undergone a tremendous transformation working out at Outer Limits Sports Performance under the watchful eye of trainer Bill Nichol. The last report that we got from Nichol was that Hood had dropped his body fat from 24% down to 18% and that he had turned 18 pounds of fat into 20 pounds of muscle. That was after just phase 1.

We had Bill on the podcast shortly after a few of the training videos of Hood emerged on Youtube and I highly encourage you to listen to that interview as Bill really goes into detail about the kind of training that he is putting Ziggy through this off-season.

This morning Bill sent me an email with a link to the latest video of Hood training and if this nearly 5 minute training highlight video does not get you pumped about training camp being less than one month away, I don\’t know what will. I for one can\’t wait to see how this translates onto the field for Hood.

Special thanks to Bill for passing this along to us this morning and please make sure you follow him on Twitter at @OuterLim.

  • Ahmad

    Wow! Just wow! I can’t wait to see all that translate to the field.

  • Colin Grant

    I pulled 2 muscles and tore 1 just looking at that f”n thing. I don’t know what future production Ziggy will have as a results of these exhaustive workouts, but I greatly respect a professional being the best they can be on any level. He’s earned my respect, big time.

  • mghjr88

    I am pretty surprised that Hood is just now utilizing plyometrics. It would be my assumption that all NFL team’s strength and conditioning coaches would apply the use of this method as it has been proven to be extremely effective.

    Very excited to see how Hood’s work translates to the field.

  • Coachbriant

    Thanks for the video feed!!!

  • Fish

    The 140 dumbell bench on the ball is incredible! Those that lift(ed) will have a real appreciation of that. There’s no doubt the guy is really strong, but not just gym strong, he’s country strong as well. No doubt he’s going to be much improved this year because of his work.

  • JohnnyV1

    Nice to see Ziggy work so hard in the offseason to prepare for the riggors of the game. Hopefully he can put that conditioning to good use and become like DE Justin Smith on the 49ers, who’s a beast, even late in games. Or maybe like our own DE Aaron Smith, who was the best 3-4 DE to wear black n gold!

  • Clintmartin

    I can still take him LOL

  • Clintmartin

    Is this a contract year?

  • SteelersDepot

    To Giant Eagle for some snacks? lol

  • SteelersDepot

    No. signed through 2013

  • BigRest

    I’m feel like going outside and throwing my lawnmower through a car window now!

  • SteelersDepot

    That is a GREAT comment. Made my morning.

  • pittsteelerskid

    ZIG cant wait for you to gout there and kick some ass

  • Beerman9

    I agree – great comment. Also thanks for the post /link/video. This, and the podcast interview with Bill display some of that work ethic and attitude Hood has. Now if they could get Mike Adams to do the same to increase his core and upperbody strength (Has has decent footwork from what I’ve read)

  • Easley

    Awesome video. And here I was feeling proud of myself for the 20 minutes I did on the elliptical this morning.

  • W All

    I posted about his transformation on my blog & had many unbelievers claiming he had to be on HGH to lose that amount of body fat and gain muscle at the same time lol

  • Kevin G

    Some one has been eating there Wheaties!

  • Harold

    I hate to be nit-picky… but I sure would like to see Ziggy doing some exercises where he stays lower to the ground. For some reason he looks so top heavy to me. I’d just like to see him get lower so he can use all that strength with proper leverage.

  • Clintmartin

    maybe even for a drink after

  • Clintmartin

    good to hear that.

  • Crossfitrook

    shoot…Hoss’ all you can eat buffet!

  • Tim

    Not sure what you’re looking for. There were a couple where he was lying on the floor.

  • Dcpfjr

    I just hope all this work doesn’t translate to a pulled muscle at the end of camp that keeps him out of action for several weeks.

  • Kev4heels

    Pretty crazy stuff right there…

  • SteelerFanInMD

    It’s good to see Ziggy putting such great effort into getting into peak condition. I’m still curious why he didn’t do this as a rookie. Doesn’t the Steelers training staff have a conditioning program like this?

  • Tmcclcdc

    Looks good been hopping he would become tough,

  • Steve Shanebrook

    That is totally alsome..I powerlifted for 21 years.. We did alot of those things!! He will deff. be alot stronger!! total dedication!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go Ziggy!!! Great year for sure!!
    STEELERS OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin_eyler

    hope it does week 1

  • Jazz6104

    No, but he knows he has to step it up, Aaron Smith is gone.

  • Kfchas


  • Steeler Nation Baby

  • THE_Zardoz

    If Ziggy can translate even HALF of that to play on the field, he’s going to be a beast this season! I really like how it’s more than just strength building, he’s working on bettering his balance, mobility, eye-hand coordination and footwork too.

  • Maureenwolff

    Mad respect, that gap spin at 2:01, sick! But those ankles scare me. I agree with the top heavy comment. Hoooood!!