The Terrible Podcast – Talking Ben Roethlisberger Comments, OTA\’s & Cornerbacks Episode

Steelers PodcastSeason 2, Episode 113 of The Terrible Podcast is up and David Todd and wrap up the loose ends reported from the Pittsburgh Steelers second OTA session of 2012 that wrapped up on Thursday.

David and I talk more about the hopeful emergence of Cortez Allen and Curtis Brown this season and whether or not the coaches are really hoping that one of the two can take away the starting job from Keenan Lewis, who sits atop of the depth chart right now. David ask me if I think Ryan Mundy can supplant Ryan Clark at free safety this year and I give my thoughts on that.

Ben Roethlisberger was back in the spot-light this week with his comments on the new offense and how the fans are now getting their wish that the offense will run the ball more this season. We look at this from several angles and include in the discussion several run/pass ratios from previous years in addition. We discuss what might be the reasoning behind the constant jabs that the Steelers quarterback continues to make.

Tight end Heath Miller figures to be more involved in the passing game this year and we talk just a little about that before talking about the surprise we got this week as Kordell Stewart was back in town to formally announce his retirement. We find the timing odd and wonder if Stewart might have had a few ulterior motives in doing it outside of needing closure. David proceeds to re-live a quick play that Stewart made against the Baltimore Ravens that is forever etched in his mind.

It was announced on Thursday that Hines Ward has been hired by NBC and we give our two cents on that. Antonio Brown made it known on Thursday that he has no plans to miss the 2013 OTA sessions right now as he his scheduled to be in the same situation as Mike Wallace is right now. We discuss that as well as the recent comments made by Ike Taylor after he spent last weekend in Las Vegas with Wallace.

We close the show by answering a couple of reader emails that are related to training camp plans and betting before closing things out for this week.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 113 of Season 2 now of The Terrible Podcast.

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  • SteelersDieHard

    Check this out:

    Isn’t that what Saunders claims he was suspended for? Is he appealing his suspension?

  • Jollyrob68

    I’ve said it before but I’d love to see Cortez Allen as the FS.

  • Harold

    In reference to Ben, I think his reaction is completely understandable. Anytime you take away freedoms/comforts, there is going to be grumblings. If I was a 3 time Super Bowl QB (with 2 wins) I would be pissed as well. Especially if I was blindsided. I think the F.O. could’ve done a better job of prepping for this situation by making it much more clear a couple of years ago that if specific results weren’t achieved, then specific consequences would follow. Then everyone is on the same page and we don’t have this drama.

    The good news is… Ben is a team guy. He’s not going to hold out, or orchestrate a mutiny against Haley, because that would hurt the team. He’s just going to complain a little. And I’m okay with that. Once the season starts, as long as we win, Ben will be happy.

  • steelman

    I thought Keenan did well last year and with that experience and more opportunities he’ll be better this year. Also to note, I think the transition for him was a bit different coming into the league than the others. He was a pure man coverage corner who had to come in and learn how to play in a zone scheme. I think the others benefitted better by being able to play more to their strengths, because LeBeau changed up to more man. I think when he came to Pittsburgh, Ike was the only other man corner and the #2 played zone. That’s a tough transition. I don’t agree that these guys are necessarily better players, I just think they came in at the right time.

    I read an article on another blog that stated that Revis wouldn’t be the star he is today if he played in Pittsburgh, which I totally agree with. He wouldn’t have started in year one because the Steelers don’t start rooks on defense, and if he got on the field in year 2 he would’ve been playing 10 yards off the ball. Each player, while needing to know how to play all coverages, excel when they are playing to their strengths and I think if the Steelers play more man this year on both sides, he’ll surprise a lot of people.

  • 4STEELERS2012

    I am hoping and praying that Keenan Lewis have the best season he could possibly have. I would imagine that the coaches are hoping all three will contribute significantly to the Steelers defense. By the way, how did Lewis perform during the OTAs? Many would like to know. Bias reporting should be a penalty, fair reporting scores touchdowns with the fans!

  • 4STEELERS2012

    You hit the nail on the head. It is important to look at how these guys played their position in college. Out of the three Keenan definitely had the biggest transition to make. Any person familiar with Oregon State football knows that Keenan only played man to man coverage in college, never zone. If Keenan would have had Cornell Lake in 2009 instead of Ray Horton, I am sure his progress would have been greater. Brown and Allen were fortunate. Let’s not forget what happened with Butler and Burnett as a result of poor coaching. Unfortunately Keenan did not have the opportunity to experience the Lake effect until year three. To say that the coaches are hoping that Brown or Allen will take the spot from Keenan or to say that they are better players at this point are just plain foolish remarks. What coaches are you talking about? Tomlin, Lake, LeBeau? Unless you spoke to these people, it is virtually impossible for you to know what they are hoping for. What is this remark being based on? To say that it is based on something said by someone close to the organization is even more foolish. The intelligent fans all know that the claim of getting information from someone close to the organization is the easiest way reporters can get away with passing their personal opinions.I don’t know of any coach, playground, middle school, high school, college, or THE NFL, who would not want the best from all of their players. It is called a TEAM. .

  • SteelersDepot

    You should listen again to what I said & it was based nothing on what coaches said. It was my speculation. Try not to selective hear. TIA :rollseyes:

  • steelman

    Whoa guys back to your corners, lol. But seriously, I have a couple of questions based on the above comments, as well as the podcast:

    1. Would it be a fair assessment to say that Lewis would have been further along in his development had he had Lake there for his first 2 years? ( I just find it odd that the Steeler’s corners were not very good with Horton there and all of sudden with Lake coming in, they become the strongest unit on the defense. Sound like that’s a coaching issue. Ike has always been a decent corner, but he became elite last year under Lake as well.)

    2. It seems to me that Keenan’s path is sort of mirroring Ike’s when he came into the NFL in that Ike played ST’s his first 3 years, started his 4th, played well, got benched the following year. My question is do you agree that there is a pattern and do you believe its possible that even though he started slow out the gate, he will be better than expected?

    3. Do you agree that Brown and Allen also benefited more from being under Lake as rookies and do you think their progress would have been the same under Horton?

    4. I looked back at the Patriots game, and watched Allen cover Gronk. Decent effort, but I wasn’t really blown away by anything he did. I actually counted about 3 or 4 terrible throws Brady made due to pressure where Gronk actually had a step or two on him.

    5. Lastly, responding to Dave’s comment about Lewis’ inability to win the job is absolutely wrong. He was given the opportunity to take over that position in year 2 but didn’t play well in Denver. My question is was his actual play in that game or what happened in the locker room afterwards lead to him not playing much in 2010.

    Thanks and waiting for your reply!

  • steelman

    Forgot the question for number 4, do you agree or disagree with that statement? thx.

  • SteelersDepot

    If you read back I have praised the turnaround of Lewis and Lake gets MUCH kudos for that. Also keep in mind that the lockout severely hurt Brown and Allen last year, not that either would have had much playing time anyways. Allen was even further behind due to the injury all through camp. Lewis can’t afford any steps backward this year and you have to admit his play against the Rams, against the run, a big must for Steelers corners, was way below par. I think Allen will give Lewis everything he wants in camp. I admire the positive attitude of Lewis as well as he has been through so much. It is his 4th year and no more excuses will be allowed for him. My comment in the podcast, which should be OBVIOUS, is mere speculation. All that said, I think Allen has the makings to be a solid outside corner and is the future on the left side.

  • SteelersDepot

    That was his first REAL quality playing time of the season. Not a Pro Bowl performance against one of the best tight ends and quarterbacks in the NFL, no.

  • steelman

    Yeah, I agree with the tackling aspect, but in terms of size, speed, and coverage ability, I think all of them bring that to the table. Tackling may actually be the deciding factor in all this. How has Lewis looked in OTA’s thus far? Good, Bad, much of the same, just curious.

  • SteelersDepot

    It’s OTA’s so it really is hard to decipher anything really as far as play goes. Haven’t read anything that says Lewis has had a bad first 6 days if that is what you are asking.

  • 4Steelers

    Your opinion should be respected as I would hope youf eel about mine. You can continue to be the cheerleader for Allen as I wILL for Lewis. It is obvious we are both on the couch coaches and cannot truly assess the players or game. We can however be a sport and agree to disagree. Still searching for your positive article on Lewis. I need your help to find it.

  • steelerfan1

    Is the fact that Lewis made a comment about aspiring for the Pro Bowl your problem with him?

  • SteelersDepot
  • SteelersDepot

    If you read below I say I admire his positive attitude.

  • SteelersDepot
  • SteelersDepot

    Can I ask why you are posting under two names? steelerfan1 & 4Steelers

  • SteelersDepot

    Can I ask why you are posting under two names? steelerfan1 & 4Steelers

  • steelfan1

    First off I can’t explain how proud I am to be a Steeler fan. I love the loyalty of our team and that player retire (ie Ward, Smith, likely Farrior) and are our proud of it. I am tired of haters of big Ben, the man who has taken us to 3 SB’s and likely 3 more, all because of his loyalty to his Arians. Once he gets over the changes and accepts Haley all will be well (it will happen, Haley has not coached a player as good as Ben period). We are primed for a SB run and the play action and run game are only going to help us get there.

  • 4STEELERS2012

    Thanks for verifying that the remarks were merely speculations and not based on facts. I can respect your opinion although I disagree with it.

  • 4STEELERS2012

    I was not quite familiar with your sign in procedures. Glad to report I’ve got it now!

  • SteelersDepot

    Great so we one commenter posting under three names in this thread.

  • SteelersDepot

    Can I ask why you are posting under so many usernames before I ban your IP address?

  • SteelersDepot

    OK how about full disclosure on your end now. You obviously are from Louisiana and are very sensitive to remarks made about Lewis. Care to say what the relation is?

  • 4STEELERS2012

    For the record, I am not takinng anything away from Brown or Allen. These guys are excellent corners. I am sure that is the reason the Steelers drafted them. What I am not clear on is how you could possibly say these two guys are better players when you have only seen Brown on special teams and Allen only really made a mark in one game, which you stated was not a pro bowl performance. He only played 60 plays in the dime position mostly covering the number three and four receivers and tight ends. If you can go back and view the game against the Patriots, you probably will see while Allen handled Gronkowski pretty well, Lewis held Ocho Cinco, Deion Branch and Anthony Hernandez to one catch between all three. My point is if you are going to assess the competition at cornerback, all three players deserve a fair assessment. I am interested in knowing what makes you feel these guys are better, after only seeing them in limited opportunities? Again, Brown and Allen are good players, but so is Lewis.

  • SteelersDepot

    Full disclosure though that the one catch Lewis allowed was for a TD in that game and he was thrown at just 4 times.

    Before we go farther, please state your relationship with Lewis as it is curious that are you are from his stomping grounds.

  • 4STEELERS2012

    First time blog Responder
    I am 4Steelers 2012 and mistakely typed in 4 Steelers without the 2012 the second time. It really should not be important who I am, but since you are interested I am a former coach of Lewis and just trying to understand your fascination with these other guys when it is obvious the CB race is neck and neck. Are you a Citadel alumni? Don’t worry about responding I think we have both made valid points and can end this by agreeing to disagree.

  • steelman

    Boy, it’s getting hot in here, LOL!!! But responding to your comment, should it matter how many times a CB is targeted? Does the quarterback having to pull the ball down after looking for a certain receiver count? I thought it was all about the completion rate. By my calculations, that’s a 25% completion rate. Pretty darn good if you ask me.

  • SteelersDepot

    After all of that then you tell me not to worry about responding? If you read back and listen to the other podcast you will know that i do indeed think it will be a two person battle between Lewis and Allen outside with Brown battling for the nickel spot. I am not related to Allen, but it is obvious my thinking that Allen has more upside than Lewis hit a nerve with you and now we all know why. We will have to agree to disagree.

  • SteelersDepot

    What if a CB is targeted 12 times & allows 2 catches, both for TD’s? Target & completion rates do not tell the whole story.

  • steelman

    LOL, I’m just a reader. No relation to anybody, but it seems both of your nerves worked up. Wow! I have to go with 4Steelers2012 though, and go with Lewis. I just haven’t seen enough out of the other 2 just yet to say they are better. Just my opinion.

  • SteelersDepot

    You from Louisiana too, right?

  • SteelersDepot

    aren’t you his older brother?

  • SteelersDepot

    What an interesting thread. We had the brother of Keenan Lewis and his former coach defending him. WOW!

  • steelman

    Nah, actually I’m from Washington D.C. and I believe the proof is in the pudding. To be honest, I’m just saying you can’t compare 400+ snaps to 60 snaps. I also don’t buy into the ‘they have more upside stuff. Brown was good at ST. Well, i expect him to be because he did that for 4 years at Texas. Allen played in the dime, but the fact remains that he was covering 3rd and 4th string receivers. Those are facts, not speculation.

    They may be good, and i’m not disputing that. But I’m just reserving my judgement until the season starts and I see them in action for myself. But out of curiosity, would you mind letting me know WHY you feel they are better? And what is the ‘more upside’ they have compared to Lewis.

  • steelman

    Come on man, really? That’s like saying Ike had a bad season because of the Denver game.

  • SteelersDepot

    Nope it’s like saying Ike had a bad game against Denver, not like he had a bad season.

  • steelman

    Now that you have disclosed my personal information (noted), understand that I am merely providing dialog to this topic. All I’ve been asking is for you to justify your argument and opinion and you haven’t been able to,

    Through this whole ordeal, I haven’t been biased, but I’ve stated facts and asked valid questions, that were posed from your blog along with other media resources. True we may disagree and that’s fine, but it seems to me that you have an issue with people challenging your opinion, no matter who it is related or not.

    I just want to make this perfectly clear, that this is not an attack on Allen, Brown or your blog and it’s contributors. It is merely an attempt to understand your position and why it is. Keenan is not Deion Sanders and no one is pretending that he is. But even you would agree that he played well in 2011.

    And for the record, Louisiana does have a large fan base and supports all their Steelers players in their pro careers.

  • SteelersDepot

    Watching tape of Allen from college and SPECULATING on what he can become is how I formed my opinion and have compared that to what I have seen from Keenan so far. I have noted all along I think that Lewis and Allen will battle it out in training camp. In MY opinion I think Allen has more upside. If Lewis wins the job, FANTASTIC and I hope he does indeed make it to the Pro Bowl. I merely asked for full disclosure instead of playing these silly games as it was obvious that the both of you had connections to Keenan.

  • akyourasea

    I love all three of the young CBs and want all of them to stay and contribute. Ike is 32 and can’t stay a top notch cover man for too much longer.

  • Mos_def98

    In terms of Ben comments some times I wish Ben would just shut the f up and play football. James Harrison was right with what he said about Ben last year. Dont get me wrong I love the Steelers but I have come to realize that Ben says dumb sh** out of his mouth that doesnt add up or make sense at times.

  • kevin

    This is certainly one crazy comment thread. I think you handled it well Dave.

    I think that Allen has a ton of potential. I would not be surprised if he has a career like Ike Taylor. I am rooting for Lewis though too. I don’t care who wins the job if both guys play well in training camp.

  • eggre

    Remember how Ben promised we’d see a new, gracious, cooperative Ben, post-scandals? That didn’t last long. Welcome back, passive-aggressive whiny brat Ben.

  • pghpaulatl

    I enjoy your podcasts and would like to know when you will have Dave Te Thomas back for an analysis of the Steelers draft?