Troy Polamalu Top Rated Steelers Player Again In Top 100 Players Of 2012

The Top 100 Players of 2012 rolled on last night as players 11-20 were revealed. I am not a big fan of these list as I question their legitimacy for the most part. Several players have claimed not to have voted since the network started the top 100 last off-season and that is why I smell a rat. I like the concept that the NFL Network has, it\’s just I think they made up the list on their own for the most part. Sure a few players might have voted, but likely not as many as one might be led to believe. One aspect of the show that I do like is the comments made by other players about the ranked player in each vignette. That part seems genuine.

All of the above aside, the Pittsburgh Steelers had six players ranked in the top 100 list with safety Troy Polamalu leading the way. It was revealed on the Thursday night show that Polamalu ranked 19th overall. Last year Polamalu finished 6th overall, one spot behind Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed. This year Reed finished ahead of Polamalu once again at 16th overall.

The other Steelers that made the top 100 list were: LaMarr Woodley (63rd), Maurkice Pouncey (49th), Mike Wallace (47th), Ben Roethlisberger (30th) and James Harrison (29th).

The Reed versus Polamalu debate has and will continue to go on for some time, even after the two finally retire and are inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. What other players who played against Polamalu say now and for the rest of time will forever be a testament to the type of player he was.

Jacoby Jones, Matt Cassel and teammate Rashard Mendenhall are included in the vignette of Polamalu and of course all three had glowing praise for the Steelers former first round draft pick. Jones had perhaps the best quote when he said, “I want to know what God was thinking when he made that guy. The guy\’s a different animal.” Mendenhall said about Polamalu, “Troy is like the closest thing that I have ever seen to a super hero.”

So take the list for what it is and enjoy the videos if you might have missed any of them.

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  • steve

    Heath Miller not being on this list is a shame. But I do love the videos. James Harrison’s videos are always amazing.

  • I am with you in thinking something smells fishy about these lists, but kudos to Troy either way.

  • Jprankster2005

    Wallace better than Pouncey and Woodley lol

  • guest


  • Weezy56

    Antonio Brown could have been number 99 atleast WTH

  • HoustonJr

    Ben being left out of the top 20 is a shame! However, this list is more of a popularity contest anyways, in my opinion. I don’t read too much into it.

  • Fish

    X2. Unless he has a Gronk type numbers though doubt he’ll ever get the recognition. Maybe Haley can help with that????? Just hope he get’s it at the end of his career, he deserves it, not many play the position better.

  • Fish

    The Polamalu vs. Reed debate is a laugher in favor of Polamalu. OK that’s the Steeler fan in me talking because Reed is a damn good player and there’s not that much separating them, but I don’t see how you can objectively compare the 2 and think that Reed comes out on top. Troy doesn’t have the interceptions that Ed does, but he could and would if he played the fashion that Ed did, which is mainly roaming in the secondary. Troy’s ability to be a 5th linebacker in addition to what he can do in the secondary sets him apart in my opinion.

    Not a real big fan of the rankings either in general, even outside of the Steelers players ranks, but the interviews make the show for sure.

  • Dan

    I would think Ike Taylor should make the Top 100. Although not flawless in 2011 he is one of the top CBs in the league, but it seems CBs are a bit under-appreciated in this list.

    It is interesting to see how many hours of programming the NFL Network can get out of a list show. A two-hour special to be repeated a few times would seem reasonable. But including all the talk about it on their other shows, I think they’re filling about 4,000 hours of broadcast time.

  • Nik Greene

    How do we know that Troy is the top player? What if Jonathan Scott shows up in the top 5? 🙂

  • John B

    Sean Taylor aside…Troy is the Best SS and Ed Reed is the Best FS…and it has nothing to do with interceptions.

  • woodleykills56

    John Scott didn’t top the top 25?

  • Ed Reed may be the better pure safety, but I don’t care. Troy is the better football player. Troy isn’t really a safety, but more a position of his own definition. More like a freelancing linebacker who can line up wherever he wants and go wherever he wants. Ed Reed is far better in coverage, and power to him, but if I have to pick between the two there is no question which one I want.

    Also, Troy never, ever whines about anything. Reed is never happy with his contract and can’t decide if he wants to play or not each year.

  • PoKey21

    Sadly there will be a year in the near future when old Troys play takes a dip. Whether it be due to aging, injury, or both he just wont be able to do what he could do. His playing style is no holds bar, and no one can do it the the NFL for so long and get away with. None the less he will be a sure fire hall of famer. He will forever be discussed as one of the greatest to ever play the position. When people talk GOAT they will discuss Jack Tatum, Ronnie Lott, and Troy Polamalu. Fabulous career and a class act.

  • kevin

    Did Mike Wallace sleep with your girlfriend? I am trying to figure out where all this hate comes from. If I didn’t know better, I would think you were a Ravens fan.

  • Macoljduf11

    i think wallace and woodley are equal, remember woodley missed half the season last year, what we should really be wondering is how the hell does pouency end up in the top 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ahead of woodley, pouncy should not even be on the list, he should have been on in 2010, but he was not very good in 2011

  • Ahmad

    I really loved what Jacoby Jones had to say about Troy. He described him perfectly.