ESPN 970 Radio Podcast With David Todd

David Todd, my co-host on The Terrible Podcast, has been sitting in the last few weeks on 970 ESPN Radio for Joe Bendel. David has had me on his show twice over the last couple of weeks to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers and I have received a few emails asking if these were recorded. The podcast are up now and you can listen to both of the interviews below from the last two weeks.

Remember that David will be doing work for 970 during training camp, so make sure to check his Twitter feed at @hammerspeaks to keep apprised of he he will be having on as guest.

UPDATE: One of the podcast seems to have been marked wrong and not connecting. I will get in contact with David and see if they can fix this.


  • emac2

    970 is so bad with their on demand section it’s a amazing anyone even tries to use it. Whoever is in charge of making that accessible should not only be fired but publicly humiliated.

    On the other hand, can you humiliate someone that does such a poor job in public?

    Such valuable content wasted as though it has no value.

  • b1bc2

    ESPN 970 radio broadcasts have an extremely weak radio signal going out. I am justoutside Pittsburgh and it is like I am in Guam. They must have powered down that signal. Bad radio = bad signal going out.