Mendenhall Returns To Twitter On Friday The 13th To Say His Knee Has Healed Wonderfully

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall has returned to Twitter today, exactly one year since his last tweet. In his first tweet back, Mendenhall merely said, “hello”,┬ábut in his second tweet he thanked all of his well wishers and added, “My knee has healed wonderfully.”

Mendenhall, who suffered a torn right ACL in the 2011 regular season finale against the Cleveland Browns, likely should have used the word, “healing”, instead of “healed” though, as it would be hard to believe that he is 100% recovered and ready for training camp just 6 months removed from his surgery.

As I pointed out in a post earlier this week, Dr. Neil Ghodadra, a noted orthopedic surgeon, said in an interview on NFL Network that he thinks a running back needs eight months at least to get through an ACL injury. More specifically, Ghodadra said, “Studies have shown that NFL running backs usually get back to playing at about ten and a half months after the injury.”

Even though the recovery of Mendenhall appears to be going well, and even possibly ahead of schedule, it is the psychological aspect that Ghodadra points to as being one of the toughest barriers for running backs coming off the injury.

So while it is good to see Mendenhall back on Twitter and updating his progress, I fully still expect him to start training camp on the active PUP list and be moved to the reserve PUP list once the regular season starts. That means the Steelers former first round pick would miss the first 6 weeks of the regular season at a minimum, and likely even more. In my opinion, a return of Mendenhall to the 53 man roster prior to week 10, would put him in the “freak” category, but after-all, he did return to Twitter on Friday the 13th. How freaky is that?

  • Michael Walsh

    The way Mendenhall hurt his knee was not nearly as horrific as others I have seen. Watching it live and on replay I was surprised it was an ACL…having done it myself. I think because of how he injured it, the psychological aspect may not be so difficult. I think Adrian Peterson will have a tougher time…that was brutal.

  • Gerrimy Tann

    Mendy will be back by the third preseason game. Watch. He was cutting and running by the fourth month which backs usually doesn’t start until the sixth months. If he kept that current trajectory then this is the seventh month after the injury it should feel like nine months. We’ll see though.

  • SteelersDepot

    I will gladly wager against this.

  • zyzak

    Lets pray thet he comes back early cause they got nothin like him

  • SteelSpine

    Wonder if Mendy tweeted conspiracy about his knee, “How did my knee get hurt demolition-style.”

  • I sure hope they keep him on the PUP list. Not a Mendy fan at all. Does he have talent? Well like Kordell he’s a heck of an athlete. However, as we saw with Kordell, he wasn’t much of a QB though he made big plays and Mendy in my book is not a great RB.

    Mendy wants to come back quickly is understandable since this is his contract year. The brother works hard and he puts the work in. He’s done some good things for us but is he worth signing long term for big money? Not in my book from his body of work.

    Once again. Not hating, just stating. He’s not very good at the goal line. He’s not very good going up the middle, doesn’t run physical and he’s not very good at breaking tackles. Plus his vision is questionable as well. What Mendy has is very good speed to take it all the way. He can get around the corner and make plays on the edges. Plus he’s passable as a blocker.

    I’m not mad a Mendy because he is what he is and he gives his best. Love that about him. He’s a team guy and not concerned at all about his twitter comments. I like everything about Mendy except his game.

  • SteelSpine

    That’s my thoughts too, top to bottom.

  • Jason Brown

    Well put, Zarbor. For those folks on here that think that they’ve got nothing like him, that’s partially true but for the wrong reasons. The other guys on the roster are all hungrier than Mendy. Period. He’s been given a TON of chances to prove me wrong, and he’s yet to.