Mike Wallace Expected To Report Soon According To Teammates

Pittsburgh Steelers restricted free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace will not be reporting today to Latrobe for the start of training camp, but optimism is growing that he will be arriving in the next several days.

Both Emmanuel Sanders and Keenan Lewis told the media today in interviews upon their arrival that they expect Wallace to arrive over the course of the next week. Lewis, a long time friend of Wallace\’s, who has been working out with him every day this offseason, said that Wallace is in great shape and ready to get to work. Sanders told reporters that he is expecting him to show in “3 or 4” days.

Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported on Twitter earlier in the day that he is hearing rumblings that a new long-term deal could be close with Wallace.

Wallace was tendered at a first round restricted level of $2.74 million back at the start of free agency and has yet to sign the offer. He was not present for any of the offseason practices as a result.

  • kristopher Fine

    i have no issue with Wallace not showing up today. if the steelers want to sign him to a long term deal, then there is no reason to sign the tender, right? let’s get the deal done and get him into camp. if they can’t reach a deal, he will sign his tender and play but when is the question. I’ll tell you this, he will sign it sometime after training camp if no deal gets done. who wants to go training camp?

  • Bouchette is reporting that since Wallace didn’t report today, the Steelers have suspended negotiations on a new contract until Wallace signs the tender and reports to camp.

  • So yeah, in order for Wallace to get the long term deal he has to sign the tender and report to camp. The Steelers have given him to choice. Ike already warned him that he is dealing with the Steelers. One thing is for certain. He won’t report to camp with a newly signed contract in his hands.

  • joed32

    I use to believe most of what Bouchette said but he has become so negative the last few years, he’s just trying to get attention. Negotiations are still going on.

  • Bouchette has been wrong before but this time he was quoting “a club source.” He’s not stating his opinion this time. We’ll see tomorrow if Rooney or Colbert make an annoucement.

  • kristopher Fine

    since they want to keep him around long term the only hold up is price. the steelers aren’t going to budge, but they will offer market value. the burgh has no problems paying players what they are worth. bouchette says that talks are on hiatus until he gets to camp. if he comes to camp, they must be close. if he doesn’t come to camp, they are far apart. if they are that far apart he won’t be a steeler after this season. if that’s the case, who knows when he’ll sign his tender and show up. i hope he respects his teammates enough to do it sooner rather than later because he definitely makes the team better.

  • Daniel Parks

    I think for the Steelers to suspend negotiations is logical and consistent with past behavior. I think both sides still want to keep things “friendly” and will avoid too much hardball posturing. I would imagine Wallace and agent will show good faith, sign and appear by Monday and negotions will resume. Either a long term deal will get done or it will not, but he’ll play at least this year and probably next in the Black n Gold.

    What will be really interesting is if a long term deal is announced and if it will be similar to what Wexell announced yesterday. It could be a purposeful advanced leak to get a “desired” number in people’s minds.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I believe they are really close…that is why he is telling everybody he will be here in a day or so…must just be a few minor details that need to be worked out

  • afrazier9

    That’s my point is this about the team or your self which to me seams like his self. He has to under stand who he is dealing with you have to give to get come in sign your tender and get your deal how hard is that. Your team needs you

  • John Mazza

    Isnt this what they normally do? if camp starts and the player isnt there they dont talk. Same when Hines held out. He had to come in before they would talk about it

  • Rubem Dornas

    Seriously, that’s enough from that subject. Wallace is another mercenary from NFL. He doesn’t want to play with us, he wants money. Nothing but money.

    If I was Colbert or Rooney, I would say to him: sign the tender and report to camp.

    I he doesn’t agree, I would say: BYE! You will not play 2012/2013 season.

    This negotiation will turn things harder next year, when we will have to transact with Brown and Sanders. They are being encouraged by Wallace’s attitude to take the same step from him next year.

  • SteelSpine

    I recall it was either Keenan Lewis &/or Ike Taylor was quoted in the past as saying Mike Wallace will definately be here for the start of training camp. I dont recall which player(s) it was who was quoted, but the quote wasnt “sometime in training camp”, it was START of camp. So much for that source!

    Once Wallace reports & signs the minimum tender, the Steelers have less incentive to negotiate than they do now, for a long term contract. On the other hand if Emmanuel Sanders & ABrown happen to get hurt in training camp there would be an immediate all-smiles press conference with Steelers brass & Mike Wallace announcing multi-year deal.

    One week for him to show up before I’ll say “Mike Wallet, good luck on the Raiders”.