Steelers Sign Antonio Brown To 5 Year Extension

Some surprising news on Friday as it has been announced that the Pittsburgh Steelers have signed wide receiver Antonio Brown to a five-year, $42.5 million contract extension.

Brown was entering the final year of his rookie contract and would have been a restricted free agent following the 2012 season. Brown busted onto the scene in 2011 by registering 69 catches for 1,108 yards. The team MVP also added 737 yards on 27 kickoff returns and another 325 yards on 30 punt returns.

Brown was drafted by the Steelers as their second of two selections in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL draft out of Central Michigan.

The amount guaranteed in the new deal is not yet known at this time. The first year cap hit, depending on the breakdown of the contract, still should give the Steelers plenty of cap space to sign restricted free agent Mike Wallace to a long-term deal. As of Friday, Wallace still had not signed his one-year tender worth $2.74 million and reported to camp.

ETA: OK deal includes $8.5 million signing bonus and 2012 base salary of just $540,000. 2012 cap hit on Brown only around $2.2424 million. Still plenty of room for Wallace.

  • John Mazza

    yeah i was worried about this and wallace then i saw it was an extention not a new contract. brown shouldnt effect this years cap. right?

  • joed32

    I think you’re probably right.

  • Rubem Dornas

    This is GREAT NEWS! I really like this kid! He deserves it!

  • Jason White

    Should send a big message to Mike Wallace even if it wasnt their intention. Show up and get paid. I’m glad to know there is atleast one player we don’t have to worry about next offseason.

  • hellothereiamhereforgood

    in case you missed it mike wallace did show up to work in his third season of training camp just like brown, we will never know what brown would have done but, you always have to remember that these players pay there agents to negoiate for them so they will always trust there agents

  • lewie giammaria

    Big message to Wallace that nobody is bigger than the team and no one will play hard ball with them. While he wouldnt report to camp to get a deal done, Antonio was there to do it. This same situation is now avoided next year with brown signing early and theres still room to sign Wallace this year. If not then he can get extended next year with browns deal done. Good work Pittsburgh

  • Jason White

    Maybe they want to avoid this situation next year and lock him up now. What happens if Brown goes out and outperforms this year and asks for another 15 to 20 million more?

  • John Mazza

    i agree. Brown outplayed D Jackson last year and jackson got ten more mill. I like the move. hopefully they can lock up sanders for a bit too before he breaks out and we cant afford him anymore

  • NW86

    WOW!!! NOBODY saw this one coming! They did a great job keeping those negotiations quiet!!

    Yeah this sends a big message to Wallace that they actually signed brown this early. Either they value brown a lot more to work on his deal before mikes, or mike is just asking way too much money.

    It will be a shame if they don’t end up getting a deal done with MW. I actually respected him a lot for playing out his league minimum contract last year while guys like CJ, revis, vjackson, djackson, etc were holding out.

  • Jason White

    Yeah Sanders is next up but I don’t see it being done before next year. They are gonna wanna see him stay healthy and play. I do think Sanders will get a deal done though.

  • TJimmy

    Now we know what Brown meant when he said he would be doing things differently than Wallace.

    Brilliant move by the Steelers’ front office.

  • Mike.H

    Antonio Brown must be smiling like a Mazda 3 front grille for a sixth rounder being fitted inside a well groomed system that allowed him to flourish. ( Big Ben’s big part of the equation as no man is an island… cough, cough… M. Wallace ).

  • Reader783

    Did anybody notice that this was the exact same amount of money that the hoax Mike Wallace contract was for? I think that the Steelers offered that contract to Wallace, and he denied it. Now that they signed Brown to it, they can go to Wallace and say, “He is just as productive for us, but we will offer you a little more because you are a great offensive threat that we don’t want to lose.”

  • karenschnitkerconnecicut

    and if that is what they offered wallace then he has every right to turn that down and very well should,i certainly have no problem with it, but i dont think that is what happened because that was a false report from the local news station no “insiders” ever got that imformation from anyone, but that whole thing was incredible because on tuesday around 4:00 i come on this site and thought wallace had a deal done and it turned out to be false and just 24 hours later negoiations were suspended, amazing how quickly news can do a complete 180

  • Reader783

    You think that it was just a complete coincidence that it was the same amount of money (which was not an even or round number) and the exact same amount of years? Either they did this to show Wallace that he was asking for too much after he turned it down, or the hoax contract was actually Antonio’s contract incorrectly reported and then retracted.