All Eyes Will Be Left & On Willie Colon This Weekend

Our first look at Willie Colon at left guard was delayed last week because of an ankle injury, but this Sunday night when the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Indianapolis Colts in the second preseason game, Colon will finally start at his new position.

The Colon move from right tackle was made immediately following the draft so the Steelers former 4th round pick has now had an entire offseason to acclimate himself on the other side. Colon was able to get away with playing right tackle his first several years in the league because of his arm length and that is something that will benefit him now with his move inside, something I have campaigned for to happen for a long time. One of the faults that Chris Kemoeatu had over the years was that he allowed pass rushers to get their hands inside him way too often, which led to him being easy walked back in the pocket. We shouldn\’t see that happen with Colon. At least that is what I am banking on.

In his prime, Kemoeatu was able to trap to the right well, but he didn\’t always hit his mark because of his lack of agility. While Colon will never be accused of being Fred Astaire, he should be more agile on the move than Kemoeatu was.

Health of course is the biggest concern when it comes to Colon, who has played in just one game over the course of the last two seasons. Were the torn Achilles and triceps just fluke injuries or is he indeed injury prone now? The Steelers bet that they were just flukes when they signed him to new deal just last offseason.

The Steelers need to be more balanced this year running the power to both sides. Rookie first round pick David DeCastro should be able to hold up his end of the bargain pulling left as it was a specialty of his at Stanford. Now all eyes will be on Colon and his ability to pull right, something he has said this offseason he will do quite a bit.

Hopefully the starting five will get extended playing time Sunday nigh and by that I mean at least more than two series. Offensive coordinator Todd Haley has hinted that that could be the case, so Colon figures to get his first long game look at his new position. I can\’t wait to see it.

  • Ahmad

    We all can’t wait. Also, seeing as our RB depth is a little low right now, we might see a lot more passing Sunday night. I think that’s a good thing because I’d really love to see one of the rookies step up and claim that 5th WR spot.

  • SteelersDepot

    We shall see, but you should credit Ed Bouchette for that info.:)

  • Intropy

    Kemoeatu’s biggest problem was his ears.

  • SteelerDave

    I honestly feel that Colon is a huge key for us this season. If healthy he can be one of the top run blocking LG’s in the league. Willie has always been one of my favorites as his talent level is huge – so good that he did play some very good RT even when he has always had the physical tools which fit best at LG.

    We will never know but if Faneca had not been with us and Colon had moved to LG and started there to begin his career and stayed healthy perhaps he would already be a pro bowl left guard.

  • SteelerDave

    Lack of substance between his ears. Kemoeatu was strong but needed longer arms and an ability to control himself.

  • Intropy

    I was just assuming he couldn’t actually hear the whistle ending a play.