Isaac Redman Practices Fully On Tuesday

Some good news on the injury front at the running back position for the Pittsburgh Steelers as Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review informed me this evening that running back Isaac Redman was indeed back at practice today and worked fully.

Earlier in the day I speculated on a report made by Alan Robinson that Redman might be sidelined again this week because of his hip injury, but it appears that Redman is healthy enough now to throw his hat in the ring for the Steelers tune-up game Saturday against the Buffalo Bills.

Maybe it should not be too big of a surprise as Redman did say last week he could possibly return to practice this week. With the training camp and preseason that Jonathan Dwyer is having thus far, perhaps Redman is feeling a little pressure to get back to work as well.

We have seen a few players fight through injuries over the course of the last month as cornerback Keenan Lewis returned one day after suffering a shoulder injury that looked like would sideline him for a few days prior to the Steelers first preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Dwyer also fought through a shoulder injury that he suffered against the Eagles and ended up starting Sunday night against the Indianapolis Colts because Redman was sidelined.

Head coach Mike Tomlin was asked by Bob Labriola this past weekend if when he talks about injuries to the media if it was psychological thing as to why he always seems to characterize injured players as day-to-day, or week-to-week and Tomlin replied, “yes”. Labriola followed up that question by asking Tomlin why he believes that’s the way to handle it.

“Because everybody needs to feel the urgency of now in this business and in this game,” said Tomlin. “It is just that. When you’re working, particularly in a training camp type setting, you work with a lot of young people and there are a lot of guys who don’t understand that.”

“The veteran players – the James Harrisons of the world – understand that,” continued the head coach. “So you have to use as many tools as you can to teach them that, and just overall attitude in terms of how people come back from unfortunate circumstances is a big tool in teaching that..”

It certainly appears Redman and others feel that urgency that Tomlin preaches.

  • SteelSpine

    Thats great news regarding Redman. He cannot afford to be injured the rest of the preseason in his battle to win & keep starting HB job over Mendenhall. Dunno yet if Redman’s better than Mendy but Redman bided his time a few years showing he’s worth a try as full-time starter. So back when prelim guess of Redman’s injury was groin I feared we would not get to find out if Redman can be a starter because Mendy would heal first & tie down the starter positon.
    By now we know what we have in Mendy: OK/good runner but nothing special. I dont trust Mendy to hold on to the ball in big situations. Also Mendy not good reach receiving out-of-backfield & it’s why I dont think Mendy is a 3rd-down prospect. Redman is a tougher runner inside, & in pass protection Redman showed to be the same good as Mendy picking up blitzers.
    Re why Tomlin says injured players are day-to-day, all coaches say that & continuing throughout regular seasons & that’s clue to another reason Tomlin’s going to say “day-to-day”. You probly know this but I just think it’s worth adding that it’s a disadvantage to let the upcoming regular-season opponent know if a player will start & how-much healed. Coaches (& Ben) all went to the old school of Bill Belicheck which is never admit (til right-before gameday when league forces coach to rate player’s status). Ya might say but it’s only preseason so take Tomlin’s word that the answer he gave Labriola is the only reason Tomlin replies “day-to-day”. I’ll take Tomlin’s word for it but as only small part of Tomlin’s reason. Even now during preseason Broncos’ coaches & starters are now each studying for their individual matchups against individual Steelers. Tomlin like any coach, is going to keep their upcoming regular-season opponent guessing as to whether to prepare for Harrison will start at OLB, if the RB is Redman vs Menenhall, whether to prepare for Ben, whether to prepare for Polamolu etc. Fun for us is Imagine the horror in an upcoming oppenent’s coach wondering whether to prepare for Polamolu, Harrison, Ben, ahhh the beauty of it:)

  • SteelerDave

    How I see our RB situation for the regular season is Redman and Dwyer splitting 90% of the runs with 50% going to Redman and 40% going to Dwyer. Will keep both players fresh. Then I see Batch and Rainey as our third down backs with Batch in there on the situations when a blitz is expected.

    I think Ford makes the roster as a 3rd and short specialist but is then released after the bye week as Mendy will then return though be limited in carries since the Redman/Dwyer combo will have been very effective. Unfortunate for Mendy to have his injury but it is also a blessing as we now learn what we have in our other backs and a more informed decision can be made about keeping Mendy or not beyond this season.

    My season prediction Redman 175 carries for 700 yards, Dwyer 120 carries for 480 yards, Mendy 100 carries for 375 yards, Batch 50 carries for 150 yards, Ford 40 carries for 120 yards, Rainey 20 carries for 75 yards.