James Harrison Says Fans Can Expect To See A Healthier 92 In 2012

One of the biggest fears that I have concerning the Pittsburgh Steelers heading into 2012 is the health of outside linebacker James Harrison and I have pointed that out in a few previous post.

Harrison, who had two back procedures last offseason, has missed nearly all of the offseason practices this year with some sort of knee issue and he is currently still on the PUP list as the Steelers are in week two now of training camp. Head coach Mike Tomlin does not seem too concerned about the health Harrison and makes it sound like he could come off the PUP list any time now, although no exact date of when that will happen has been given.

Harrison does not seem too concerned about his health heading into 2012 either. Tuesday night he joined several Steelers defensive players on The Ike Taylor Show, which can be heard every week on Trib Live Radio, and he was asked by Taylor what the fans can expect to see from him this year.

“I think that they\’ll see a healthier 92 than they did last year,” said Harrison. “Last year I was just six months removed from two back surgeries and I didn\’t feel like myself until probably I had surgery on my eye, and even then I still had some issues. Hopefully me and Wood (LaMarr Woodley) can get out there and be on the field at the same time and hopefully stay healthy, God willing.”

God willing indeed. Not only has Harrison yet to take part in a training practice, but neither has his perceived backup, Jason Worilds, who is still recovering from his offseason wrist surgery. Like Harrison, no timetable has been given on his return either. Currently second-year linebacker Chris Carter is the first-team right outside linebacker with undrafted free agent Adrian Robinson running behind him until Harrison and Worilds return.

Harrison did say Tuesday night that he continues his regimented treatment that includes massages, acupuncture sessions and sleeping two to fours a day in a hyperbaric chamber. He sounded pretty confident that he will be healthy by the start of the regular season, so hopefully my fears just wind up being overreaction and reading too much into the tea leaves.

You can listen to the entire show from last night below and I highly suggest you do, as it is full of great talk and hilarity.


  • Brendon Glad

    I’d love that. He’s still got a lot left in my opinion. We have not gotten 92&56 on field at same time as much as would be ideal. I just hate that he’s got 6 illegal hits against him when the V young and breed hits were only legit ones. He prob will cleanly blindside Manning in week 1, end his career, and get suspended for the season. I know the crying about that is tired, but I really do worry about it. Like the rule, hate the interpretation of said rule

  • Brendon Glad

    Because by God since Ben is “tough” good luck getting 1 called on a play involving him. Its like the league says “well we’ve emphasized Ben as rugged. So its kinda “cool” to see him a little bloody and battered.” Kinda kidding, (I think they are just stupid at reviewing replays of hits) but one DOES start to wonder after awhile

  • We need 92&56 on field together like we need air. I’m concerned as well about 92 health. People are trying to make it an age thing but I could careless. When healthy he is one of the best and with Woodley, they are top tandem. That’s how we get more turnovers. If they are not healthy, expect the defense to struggle.

    Personally, I would find ways to save them both for the playoffs. Thats when we really need them to wreak havoc…..especially with that weakening backfield.