Looking At The Steelers Roster Numbers On Offense

The Pittsburgh Steelers cut down to 53 players on Friday and now we will examine the numbers by position starting with the offense.

Quarterbacks (3) – Not really a surprise here as they will need one of these quarterbacks on the inactive list. That player of course will be Charlie Batch.

Running backs (5) – As I pointed out in my roster prediction, Rashard Mendenhall will not be ready for a few weeks at least and he will be one of the seven inactives. Baron Batch has played a lot on special teams all preseason and that was one of the main reasons he was kept.

Fullback (1) – No surprise here with Will Johnson winning the job.

Wide receivers (4) – Also as I pointed out, the Steelers don\’t use 4 and 5 receiver sets and being as Chris Rainey can serve as an emergency receiver, there was no reason to keep five.

Tight ends (3) – If you watched the Todd Haley formations like I did during the preseason, you know he uses two tight ends a lot. David Paulson played a ton of special teams in the preseason and he will also serve as the backup fullback.

Offensive linemen (9)David DeCastro has to stay on the 53 until he is moved to the new 8 week injured reserve. When that happens we could very well see Trai Essex resigned. It is hard seeing them carrying only 8 linemen for a considerable amount of time.

  • Bob Francis

    So the 9 linemen must include Beachum… but when DeCastro is put on IR, they’ll likely either resign Essex or another lineman. It’ll be interesting to see if they try to move Lee to the practice squad.

    But no real surprises on this side of the ball…

  • Guest

    batch wil be gone when 34 is back he is weak u was only right about 4 wr cause 34 is hurt we never kept 4 wr and rainey didnt even play out wide in none of the games 34 will be better batch will be gone and will add another wr week 5 no one cares he fought back from injuries this is the nfl he cant get loose are run between the tackles i would want gilreath and cut batch cause there is more upside with gilreath so congrats steelers depot for being right cause of injuries

  • Isaac Reveles

    Mendenhall sucks. He dances too much. The only reason he had so many yards was because he was the only back. I’d rather have DuJuan Harris over 34 he is over rated and overvalued.

  • LouPGH

    Yeah, Dave. Where do you get off looking at the facts and then drawing a conclusion?! You have some nerve, let me tell you.

  • WilliamSekinger

    This post hurts my eyes…

  • SteelSpine

    It looks like Mendenhall wrote it :).

  • Guest

    @ william sekinger do you have a problem

  • Guest

    do any one have a problem so yall know we need mendenhall @facebook-100000812155655:disqus mendenhall may dance but sure is the productive one the last 3 yrs u sound like a idiot

  • Andrew Grigsby

    Why did they cut Lee and keep Beachum? Horrible choice as Lee clearly outplayed Beachum in camp. What is Coach Krugler looking at in practice & games. Makes me wounder about Coach Krugler.

  • Steve Duncan

    Not a single capital letter or punctuation mark to be seen, and that doesn’t even touch the spelling. Yes, this post hurts my eyes too.

  • Steve Duncan

    Only one person here sounds like AN idiot…

  • Isaac Reveles

    We don’t need him. He is the weak link. We are better off without him, I’ll take any of our RBs over him any day. I was hoping they would keep Dujuan Harris. Hopefully they release mendenhall after the season. Or did you forget that he fumbled in the Super Bowl? He has problems holding onto the ball and dances, what’s the upside?

  • Steve Duncan

    I think it’s about versatility and intelligence. They always value the ability to play multiple positions above being decent at one.

  • Steve Duncan

    He is an FA after this year I think. No need to release him. I think if Dwyer or Redmen show much at all, this is his last year in black and gold. Though I do think he is the most talented runner on the roster, I also think he dances too much instead of going for positive yardage.

  • Isaac Reveles

    He has talent but I’d rather have redman and Dwyer. They hit the hole with power and go for the positive yardage. Make one cut and go. Is Harris PS eligible?

  • Isaac Reveles

    I thought lee looked strong and held his own. Maybe next year, cut days always suck

  • Steve Duncan

    Yes he is, but I doubt they sign him.

  • greeny

    I don’t think this offensive is going to move the ball this year without 4 and 5 wr sets. This isn’t the 1970’s anymore.

  • Isaac Reveles

    Well I hope they do, thank you for the information