Steelers LB Larry Foote Might Face Fine For Hit On Austin Collie

According to Phil Wilson of the Indianapolis Star on Twitter, Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano said on Monday that it is up to league to decide whether or not Pittsburgh Steelers inside linebacker Larry Foote deserves punishment for his high hit in the head on wide receiver Austin Collie Sunday night.

The play in question happened about mid way through the first quarter as Collie attempted to catch a pass from Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. Initially Collie looked to have possession of the football, but he appeared to drop the ball after he was then sandwiched between cornerback Ike Taylor and Foote.

Replays show that Foote had lowered his right shoulder and forearm and he made contact with the helmet of Collie as he was going down. The play was reversed from a catch to an incomplete pass after Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin challenged the ruling on the field that the play resulted in a catch.

Collie stayed down on the field for a little while and had to leave the game to be checked for a concussion. He never returned to action.

On Thursday Collie was deemed day-to-day by Pagano, who added that the receiver will undergo several tests. Pagano did also say that Collie reportedly “felt good” when he showed up at the teams\’ facility on Monday.

The hit by Foote did not look egregious in nature, but regardless, it is more than likely that Foote will be fined as the league continues to send a message concerning any and all shots to the head on players.


  • LucasY59

    I thought it looked like Foote’s leg was what hit Collies head, there is no way Foote meant to hit Collie in the head. Collie seems to be the most accident prone player in the league. If the Defenders have to adjust the way they play, Offensive players should as well. no ducking and causing what would be a legal hit, illegal.

  • mrwirez

    If he gets fined for that, the Steelers brass should give him an “exhibition bonus”. Foote clearly pulled up and let up. He could have destroyed him, and done serious damage. Maybe Collie needs “The Don Beebe Helmet” since he can never quit attacking linebackers with his head.

    #Wuss + #GoodellSucks

  • Bob Francis

    I’m all for fines, and I know it’s hard to determine intent, but it’ll be crazy if Foote gets fined (esp. if the fine even approaches Rogers-Cromartie). Collie was going down and Foote tried to avoid him – how can they fine him for his leg hitting Collie in the head? They should fine for the play on the field, not the result. Does anyone believe that if Collie hadn’t gone off the field that Foote would have been fined?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Im really tired of this…what Cromartie did was fineable because he went up towards the head…cant stand double standards.

  • ObeyUSLaw

    Foote should be booted from the game. Foote is a cheap shot coward. He hit Collie with his knee deliberately. Filthy coward could have ended Collies career. Collie is a talented wide reciever. worth watching every week. Did Jerry Rice get 5 concussions in 1 season. I think not. If you can’t beat them with talent, kill them?

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    Either you are a huge Colts fan or you just watched your first NFL game. Either way you are an idiot. Look at Foote’s history. He doesn’t have a history of playing dirty. And why would Foote try to intentionally hurt Collie? Preseason is just practice. Get a clue moron.

  • Steve Duncan

    I know you didn’t just compare a journeyman WR to Jerry Rice. Get a clue.

  • Koleman Dudek

    lol?????? Knee??? it was a forearm to the head. It wasn’t violent at all. Football is a rough sport, i think it would be a bit ridiculous if he were find for that hit.. Foote had no other choice but to clean him up. It’s part of the game.

  • LOL…Sherrie, may I suggest you learn the game of football before you start posting about it! You could have, at the very least, drawn a clue from the picture above to help you out a bit.

  • SteelerFanInMD

    Players move so fast out there that it is not possible to stop instantaneously. That would be against the laws of physics. Slow motion instant replay might make it look like he had plenty of time but he only had a fraction of a second to judge what might be an illegal hit situation and react to it. I clearly saw Foote trying to pull up before the impact and by doing so he lessened the impact. It is unfortunate that despite his efforts, a collision still occurred. Quickly tackling a ball carrier is what football is all about and it would be ridicules to fine him for it.