Steelers Quarterback Play During The Preseason Was Exceptional

Stats in the preseason are worthless, but they sure are fun to look at nonetheless. One thing that sticks out above everything else, both in the stats and on the field, was the play of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks during the preseason.

Ben Roethlisberger, Byron Leftwich, Charlie Batch and Jerrod Johnson combined to lead the league during the preseason in the passer rating (118.2) and completion percentage (69.7) categories. The four quarterbacks also tied for the league with the Houston Texans for the least amount of interceptions thrown (1) during the preseason.

What also jumps out statistically is that the four quarterbacks also combined to throw the second least amount of passes (99) in the preseason. That was the result of new offensive coordinator Todd Haley running the ball 137 times versus having the quarterbacks drop back 121 times. Not a bad balance, even though it was preseason.

On a down note, the quarterbacks were sacked 14 times total in 4 games, 4th worst in the league.

During the preseason we were treated to running backs catching 19 passes out of the backfield, which equates to nearly 5 a game. Rookie Chris Rainey caught 7 of those passes for 66 yards and a score.

We all know that the NFL it is a quarterback driven league, and while preseason stats are indeed worthless, the quarterback play was certainly above the line. Hopefully it continues on into the regular season.

2012 preseason passing stats

  • TJimmy

    This also tells us that we have good recievers and Haley is installing an effective passing game

  • Kenneth Wilt

    While I don’t expect us to use our RBs like the Saints at over 9 catches per game, I would like to see the number go up from 3 a game to say 6. With the talent we have at the position, we need to get the guys the ball. BA was good at talking about how a short passing game was just like running the ball, but he just didn’t take advantage of these guys. I don’t remember the stats, I am sure you can pull them, but I bet this was close the same number of completions we had doing the WR screen last year, about 45?

  • Don

    Maybe. My fingers are crossed. But, again, it’s preseason against vanilla defenses. That said, I’d rather look good than bad.

  • Pete

    From watching the preseason and listening to player comments on the offense during camp, I feel good about the Steelers offense and think they are building a powerful offense. It’s in no way complete but I think we are watching something exciting grow.

    I feel the Steelers are going to surprise a lot of people who have them going 8-8 or 9-7 this season.