Weslye Saunders Had Second Appeal Of Suspension Denied Last Week

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports that Pittsburgh Steelers second-year tight end Weslye Saunders had his second appeal denied by the NFL last week.

Saunders was suspended by the league for four weeks back in early February because he violated the leagues performance enhancing drugs policy. The terms of the suspension did allow Saunders to take part in all of the Steelers practices and preseason games leading up to the final cut down this coming Friday.

On Friday Saunders will be placed on the Steelers Reserve/Suspended list and will not count against the 53 man roster or the salary cap during his suspension and he will not be allowed to practice or be around the team or the facility for the first four weeks of the season.

Bouchette reported back in early August that Saunders will essentially miss four weeks of pay and not four games as the Steelers bye week is in week 4 this year. That means that Saunders, who tested positive for the drug Adderall, should be back for the week 5 game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Itisafineday

    Saunders seemed to be involved, more so, with the offense early on in the preseason. Lately, I have not heard his name called. Probably, the Steelers realize that since he won’t be back ’til the 5th week, they need to practice/play with the players that will be available for the first quarter of this coming season.
    Also, I’m not one of the fans whom will ask, most every time, when a fairly big-name player is cut or released from another team, if the Steelers should sign the guy? Most guys released don’t truly fit the Steelers mold… example, Pittsburgh would never pick up a Randy Moss. Even in his younger/better days.
    Yet, a question I have for Steelers Depot, if you would be so kind to answer… is if Chris Cooley (recently released from the Redskins) would be a decent fit for the Steelers? His toughness, team first mind-set, and loyalty (even though it was for the Redskins) are Steelers-like.
    Now, I do not know his weaknesses like his current health statues. How productive was he the past few seasons? And, is he passable at blocking? But, he is the first guy released in a long while that I wouldn’t mind for consideration for the Steelers. It’s not like Pittsburgh couldn’t use some good TE help… that’s if Chris Cooley is still good?

  • Matt Lipner

    IMHO, the Steelers probably won’t be too interested in Cooley unless they are very unimpressed with both Pope and Paulson

  • Dennis

    What kills me is that two other players with adderall suspensions got theirs reduced. But the steelers get screwed by the commish again.