Brett Keisel Takes Blame For Steelers Loss To Raiders

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel took the Sunday loss to the Oakland Raiders pretty hard, and after the game he wanted all of the blame placed on his shoulders.

“The offense played great,” said the Steelers defensive captain. “Like i said before, you can blame this loss on me and we\’ll go back to the drawing board.”

When asked why he was taking the blame for the loss specifically, the defensive end said, “Because I messed up some things that resulted in touchdowns. That\’s why.”

The two big plays that come to mind are the 64-yard touchdown run by Raiders running back Darren McFadden, which I have broken down here. The other play that comes to mind was Keisel being flagged for encroachment on the 4th down and goal play for the Raiders, where Keisel saw multiple Raiders players in motion and stepped over the line of scrimmage to point it out.

You have to tip your cap to Keisel for taking the full brunt of the loss, but make no mistake that the rest of the Steelers defense shares quite a bit of the blame. This is what good team leaders do and Keisel, along with the rest of the defense, will get a chance to redeem themselves at home in week 5 when they host the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Steve Duncan

    I’d be a lot happier if it was just Keisel, or any other individual player, to blame. Sadly, the whole defense stunk.

  • JayBirdDC

    Dave, why are Heyward and McClendon playing so few snaps? Have they played that poorly while in the game? I don’t get it. Keisel and Hampton need to play less snaps.

  • Brendon Glad

    Yeah, we wish it was that simple don’t we?

  • SteelSpine

    Good question. Fans wanna know.

  • SteelSpine

    Our DLine this year has only one sack (by Heyward) & zero tackles for loss.

    Raiders stink & that was an opponent other teams rack up their stats against. Granted DLinemen in a 3-4 are not supposed to have stats, but this is bad, & for a team (Steelers) who’s historical identity was always defense. We need a good win to take this taste away.

    This preseason I thought Keisel looked slow, & I hoped (& still do) that my eyes were decieving me.

    Ziggy still being easily neutralized by single offensive linemen who arent as sculpted as Ziggy. OK he got chop-blocked on a play but that doesnt explain the rest of Ziggy’s game up to that point nor the 3 games this year nor Ziggy’s several years in NFL. All DLinemen get chop-blocked, & theirs were not all caught/called by refs either. Bottom line is good DLinemen still find a way to make a play or two when they arent getting chop-blocked.

  • Lebeau time have passed , The last couple of years instead of really bringing pressure , he sit back and make QB look like Marino. Go and watch other teams play and tell me why we only rush 4 maybe 5 at the most. Even Fouts was critical about letting Palmer sit back and find the open players.

  • SteelerDave

    I’m becoming ashamed of the team I love. We are the Steelers and we play defense. Well, we sure have not done so for quite a while now. Lebeau’s time is done, still trying the same schemes in your 70’s against a league which has evolved? Do us a favor and retire now.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Yep…our defense was only ranked #1 last year…LeBeau is washed up. Its the personel he has to work with…its either old or not very good…he has to try and cover the weak spots and eventually teams figure it out.

  • Stats are for baseball fans. Not football. They were clearly not a top D last year. Very few turnovers. Very few disrupted passes because the average height of our front 7 is not much.

  • Clint Martin

    With all the injuries I think they have been playing pretty good football. Look at it this way Every game so far on defense we have 3 backups on the field at all times.
    On offense the line is once again always changing. While starting a backup running back and 3rd string! Not to shabby
    Lebeau with the personnel that is playing (mundy) Carter worilds he is limited to the plays he feels comfortable calling.
    Lets face it Foote is not a 1st string linebacker in the NFL. If he was he would of taken the job off of Farrior all those years he backed him up.
    After watching Seatlle vs Green bay the Black and Gold looks slow! Even our young lineman.
    You can’t blame hustle on Lebeau

  • Dan

    Well that’s a bit harsh don’t you think? If we go the season and continue to average 36 minutes of ball control and put up 26 points per game and still lose then I may jump on board. In fairness we have had a lot of personnel transition and injuries. For every game there are some 120ish plays where 53 players come together and either win or lose, so it’s not just Keisel’s or a unit’s fault.
    As is proven every year, how we’re playing in Dec/Jan is what really counts.

  • Pete

    LOL! What do you want? The old Steel Curtain? #1 against the pass, #8 against the run. I could go on. This was a very good defense last year. They were solid. The problem this year is dealing with the changes and injuries to key personnel.

  • Those stats include yards and nothing else.