Dwyer Likely To Be The Odd Man Out When Mendenhall Returns

The return of running back Rashard Mendenhall to the backfield could come following the bye week when the Pittsburgh Steelers host the Philadelphia Eagles a week from this coming Sunday. Should that indeed happen, Jonathan Dwyer is likely to be the odd man out, which would mean that he would find himself on the gameday inactive list until further notice.

Dwyer, who was the Steelers leading rusher during the preseason, fumbled on his third carry in the Steelers 34-31 loss to the Oakland Raiders this past Sunday and never saw another snap on offense during the game as a result. While Dwyer has played on special teams, the Steelers will find another body to put in there, as it will be hard for the former sixth round draft pick to get back in good graces for a while.

The Steelers running game has been non existent through the first three games of the season as none of the running backs have had success running the football so far. When Mendenhall returns, Isaac Redman will move to backup role, while Baron Batch and Chris Rainey will continue to see snaps in certain personnel groupings.

At the beginning of the season it appeared that Dwyer was pushing a dinged up Redman for the starting role, but that buzz has quickly faded thanks to the slow start of the run game. The fumble on Sunday by Dwyer turned into 7 points for the Raiders and the Georgia Tech product can expect to be in the doghouse for a while now as a result of it.

  • SteelSpine

    If Dyer benched because of the fumble, the staff needs to remember Mendenhall used to be a chronic fumbler, & in big games you can count on Mendy to fumble the ball away.

  • Koleman Dudek

    I don’t remember Mendenhall being a “chronic fumbler”?? 4 seasons, 6 fumbles 4 of which were lost… not bad.

  • Just so happened one was in the Super Bowl.

  • Pete

    The current OL cannot consistently open holes for the backs. Anyone who thinks Mendenhall is going to improve the running game is mistaken. The one improvement for the OL is the pass protection. Roethlisberger is getting the best pass protection I’ve seen him get in a long time. Now if only they can improve their run blocking. I think it will come in time. Either Dwyer has to sit or Batch. If Dwyer sits it’s a combination of his blocking vs Batch and his untimely fumble.

  • PA2AK

    what exactly has redman done & what is his potential? With the run game in flux…why not have redman the odd man out? Keep batch as he is more versatile in the short pass game and for pass blocking. mendenhall (while not great) is head and shoulders above the rest of the RB corps. Who is the best complement in the pass game? not Redman. Fixing the run game is something to focus on for next year. Too late for that this season. Salvage it…but it cannot be fixed.

  • Jesse Murray

    Actually the oline has opened some holes but neither Dywer or Redman have the burst to take advantage of them. Yes not many but enough holes to make a difference in games. Mendy has that burst. Go watch Ray Rice, MJD or Foster they dont need huge holes give them a decent seam and they explode through it. Redman and Dywer just dont have that explosion, Mendy does.