James Harrison\’s Agent Admits Linebacker Has Suffered A Setback

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports Thursday morning that Bill Parise, the agent for Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison, has admitted that his client has suffered yet another setback with his left knee.

It was reported on Wednesday that Harrison left the Steelers practice facility prior to the team working on Wednesday after his knee did respond well to the work he received Tuesday in practice. Harrison had posted his optimism Tuesday night on Twitter that Wednesday would be a key day for him as he looks to return from a knee procedure that was performed in mid August.

“It\’s a little bit of a setback,” Parise said via the report by Bouchette. “Hopefully, it\’s not something that will derail our plans.”

Harrison has practiced very sparingly since the first week of OTA\’s that took place this past summer and he has yet to practice fully two days in a row thanks to his left knee not cooperating. This latest setback could mean that linebacker might need another procedure done, and perhaps even the dreaded micro fracture surgery, which at his age would be tough to overcome.

With the Steelers now off until next week, we will have to wait until Tuesday until head coach Mike Tomlin will can be asked about the prognosis of Harrison moving forward. This latest setback all but guarantees that the linebacker will not play a week from Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, and you have to wonder at this point if the former defensive player of the year will ever play another down for the Steelers ever again.

In the meantime Jason Worilds and Chris Carter will most likely share time at the right outside linebacker spot moving forward.


    put a fork in him. Good news is he has that snow plow. so he won’t be yet another victim of the Obama jobless recovery

  • James

    Anybody else get the feeling that we won’t be seeing him on the playing field again?

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Sad to see him going out like this, but I think I am having A. Smith flashbacks. Keisel is the next guy that needs to go IMO as well as Foote.

  • r4kolb

    Hey no worries we have Jason and Chris to take over for him……… Oh…… WOW are we in trouble…

  • Steve Duncan

    Foote is the only LB we have right now that can remotely cover a TE.

  • Steve Duncan

    Because this is the place for political BS…

  • Chris92021

    I hope I am wrong but this might be the last we see of James Harrison. Not just in black and gold but in the NFL, period. His back issues and now knee issues are not going to get better. I hope Deebo can recover but I just don’t see it happening.

    Steelers should consider moving Timmons to OLB again and move Carter to ILB. I know Timmons didn’t exactly set the world on fire last year at OLB but he still runs quickly and we need all the pressure can we can generate on the QB. Carter is overmatched at OLB and Worilds is very close to being the next Alonzo Jackson/Bruce Davis.

  • Richard Edlin

    If it is, then it’s the end of a fine club man but someone that the NFL would be happy to see the back of.

    I’d like to see Adrian Robinson get some snaps at OLB as, whilst he’s raw, he’s quick and likely to get some pressure. The defense has a lot of solid players but not a lot of flash. The 2012 team possibly lost a lot when Spence went down.

  • SteelSpine

    Harrison = Aaron Smith, because no matter which team James plays on next year James would/will get injured next year; noone would bet James would play all 16 next year & not miss at-least several games with injuries next year. I’m not calling him injury-prone tho, because he gave us great years, he put alotta stress on his body lean coming around corner against 330 pounders, that’s giving it all he had.

  • SteelSpine

    I wonder maybe our coaches know Harrison is done but wont put him on IR to keep upcoming opponents guessing, because with Carter, all we can do is try to keep teams guessing the week before (not that it’s been working yet). Maybe the staff has realized that If teams have an entire week knowing Carter is the only thing we have at that position, that’s too easy for opponents to prepare.

  • Pete

    LOL! Harrison isn’t done unless there is some critical injury to his knee so far not reported. Man Steeler fans are spoiled. That the Steelers have no replacement for him on the roster tells you something about how important Harrison is to this team. He’s an exceptional 34 OL and that is why when he recovers from his knee issues he’ll be back for 1 or 2 more years. Debo is superman and Woodley needs him on the other side to shine.