Mike Tomlin Tuesday Press Conference Audio & Talking Points – Jets – Week 2

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin held his weekly press conference on Tuesday to talk about the Sunday night loss to the Denver Broncos as well as the upcoming game against the New York Jets.

Below are the talking points and audio from the press conference and I will be adding more to it shortly.

Tomlin started off by saying that after watching the game tape from Sunday that his opinion hasn\’t changed. The Steelers lacked significant plays and the Broncos made some. He did say that the quality of execution was not there late in the game.

As far as special teams play went, Tomlin said that the specialist were assets and that rookie punter Drew Butler represented himself well.

On the injury front, Tomlin noted that safety Troy Polamalu (calf), guard Ramon Foster (eye) and tackle Marcus Gilbert (knee) should all be good to go for Sunday, but that each could be limited early on in the week.

Linebacker James Harrison (knee) worked out Monday and will run on Wednesday so that they can see where he is. They will work him up to activity and let that serve as the guide this week.

In regard to the Jets, Tomlin said that what we saw in the Jets game against the Buffalo Bills is just tip of iceberg of what they might do with Tim Tebow. Although they must prepare for what he might do, Tomlin said that there will be nothing unusual in terms of pre-game preparation for the game.

As far as Jets rookie wide receiver Stephen Hill goes, Tomlin said, “Obviously, we\’re somewhat allergic to first-round pick wideouts from Georgia Tech.” He of course was talking about Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas.

As far as the Broncos success with the no-huddle in the game Sunday night, Tomlin said that it was effective because they ran ball well on early downs out of it and thus avoided 3rd downs.

As far as the running back rotation goes this week against the Jets, Tomlin said that they are capable of being better in running game and that he is still sorting out personnel. He did note that Jonathan Dwyer will get increased opportunities this week.

Tomlin explained that the decision to go for two against the Broncos was based on how he felt about game then.

More shortly.


  • Buccos9

    Coach Tomlin said the Bronco’s success in the no-huddle was due in part to their success running on first down. That may be true, but the Steelers DBs also contributed to their success by giving the Broncos receivers a big cushion for most of the game. I looked back at the stats from the Pats game last year when we played press coverage for most of the game and tried to take away Brady’s short passing game – three sacks, one forced fumble, 170 net yards of passing by Brady, two to one possession time for the Steelers. If you have enough quality DBs, press coverage can work against QBs like Manning and Brady who live off the quick, short passes. Everyone is bemoaning the fact that the defense didn’t exert much pressure on Manning, but in my opinion we played a defensive scheme (soft cushions for the receivers) that took away any chance to get pressure on Manning. He was able to unload the ball quickly before anyone could get to him. Ryan Clark said today that he saw Ike Taylor and Keenan Lewis line up closer to the line of scrimmage late in the game, using more press coverage.”Our corners jammed and were aggressive, they were successful.” Amen. Let’s hope the coaching staff takes note.

  • dgh57

    I agree with you on the fact our DBs need to do more press coverages especially when your LBs are not getting pressure on the QB!! I also remember that Patriots game last year how excited I was after the game how they played and they gave me hope for the rest of the year! But if I remember right the very next week against the Ravens we lost because we went back to our old ways and allowed the HATED Ravens to march 92 yards to win the game! My excitement from the previous week came CRASHING DOWN!!

  • Buccos9

    I too remember that loss bitterly. I would qualify what I said about press coverage to the extent that the defense used has to reflect the game situation. With so little time on the clock at the end of that game, it wouldn’t have mattered at that point if the Ravens completed a short pass. That’s exactly the situation when you do want to be more conservative, not press the receiver, and make sure the DB has help over the top. As I recall, the help was there (Ryan Clark) but it came too late.

  • Sam Ton

    I think Coach Tomlin is actually right on the money here. We couldn’t stop the run. I remember 5 years ago, our rushing defense was a wall. Nothing was going through. Now, teams are actually getting 3 to 5 yards per carry and that’s making Manning’s throws a lot easier. I don’t think it’s the linebackers or the nose tackle. I think there’s something wrong with our DEs. I dunno, it’s hard to put a finger on, but our rushing defense has definitely gotten worse over the years.
    I think the large cushion on the receivers is a deliberate strategy. Steelers have always done this under Labeau. They bend but they don’t break.
    I honestly think press coverage is risky though. Very risky. If one cornerback loses that battle, boom, it’s going for a touchdown.
    I thought the problem against the Broncos was they gave up the big play with Thomas even after giving the big cushion. Instead of field goals, they gave up touchdowns. And the offense was getting field goals instead of touchdowns, which didn’t help things.
    It’s odd to see the Steelers dominate time of possession in a ball game and lose the game. I think Tomlin was right on the money in saying that we didn’t make any big plays and we gave up too many big plays.