Only Hours Left To Get New Deal Done With Wallace

In about 5 hours from now the Pittsburgh Steelers will be on a plane headed to Denver to take on the Denver Broncos in Sunday night in the opener. That\’s roughly now how many hours are left before a new long-term deal needs to done with wide receiver Mike Wallace.

The Steelers certainly don\’t like to talk contracts once the season starts, and I can\’t see them changing that policy for Wallace this year. There simply can\’t be much in the way of negotiations left at this point between the two sides, as it likely is in a take it or leave it stage at this point.

Last year safety Troy Polamalu signed his contract extension at the airport before the team headed out to Baltimore. Had that deal done for a while and just signed at the airport to save Polamalu from having to deal with the media? Perhaps.

This week the media reported that Wallace seemed to be a little irritable in the locker room. He might just be tired of all of the same questions being asked him by the media since his return to the team a few weeks ago, or perhaps he has been told that there will be no new deal prior to the season.

Team president Art Rooney II and General Manager Kevin Colbert have stated ever since the team came back from Denver in January that the goal this offseason was to sign Wallace to a long-term deal. As of right now, 5 hours remain for them to accomplish that goal.

Let\’s hope the Pittsburgh airport has a huge surplus of pens.

  • r4kolb

    Big gamble for him if he don’t sign. Hope he knows what he’s doing. Not signing means putting himself out there for less money next year due to injury. Add to it the fact with Haley now in charge there may be more passes to Backs out of the backfield and using Heath more. Also let us not forget he has a pretty good receiver on the other side named Antonio and the wildcard Rainey and who knows. It’s not like he’s a lock to be Ben’s go to guy, I think Antonio has taken that spot. Plus add in his tendency to drop balls which now will be magnified due to his thinking he’s worth more then he is and the Steeler Nation will be all over him. I think he’s crazy to not do a deal this year if what the Steelers are offering him is fair market value. Oh yeah let’s not also forget if by chance (and I think the chance is small) he has a blockbuster year the Steelers can play the Franchise tag card and I really don’t see any way he wins other then signing long term this year. Thoughts?

  • Cletus

    Sign what? What’d I miss?

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    He’s shown his true colors. He wants to test free agency. Adios, Mike.

  • Kysteeler

    Welp looks like this will be his last year, I just don’t think we’ll have the money to tag him next year.