Steelers Passing & Rushing Stats By Personnel Groupings Versus Raiders

Below are the passing and rushing stats from the Pittsburgh Steelers 34-31 loss to the Oakland Raiders this past Sunday broken down by personnel groupings.

32 of the 54 rushing yards in this game came when the offense had a fullback or second running back on the field. Although not great great it produced a 3.56 yards per carry on 9 rushes. Year to date on 24 rushes with a fullback, or second back on the field, the offense has rushed for 70 of their 196 total rushing yards, which is still under 3 yards per carry.

Another thing that sticks out is that with 2 or more tight ends on the field, the Steelers offense has produced 3.14 yards per play, but 4 total touchdowns.

As you can imagine, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been great running the no-huddle and regular offense with the 11 personnel grouping that includes 3 wide receivers on the field as that has produced 590 of his passing yards and 4 touchdown passes. Over half of the offensive plays have used this grouping.

I still have a feeling that when tight end Weslye Saunders returns from his suspension in week 6 that we will see more of the 12 and 22 personnel grouping when the offense is not in hurry up mode. I think it will give the offense the ability to be a bit less predictable in regard to run pass ratio, which should help the running game some, especially when running back Rashard Mendenhall gets back in the groove. Saunders should be a more consistent blocker than Leonard Pope, plus be able to get down the field when needed.

Steelers Passing & Rushing Stats By Personnel Groupings Versus Raiders


Steelers Passing & Rushing Stats By Personnel Groupings Year To Date

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    Willie Colon has been awful at LG. Too slow for the position.