Steelers Practice Squad Signings Announced

The Pittsburgh Steelers announced their eight man practice squad on Saturday and it included several names that we expected to be on it. Signed today were guard Ryan Lee, linebacker Marshall McFadden, cornerback Josh Victorian, safety Damon Cromartie-Smith, wide receiver David Gilreath, wide receiver Toney Clemons tight end Jamie McCoy and guard John Malecki.

Lee had a great preseason at left guard albeit late in the games that he played in. McFadden also looked like he showed some promise late in games and with the Steelers currently thin depth wise at the position, he earned the spot on the practice squad.

Comartie-Smith was on the Steelers practice squad last year and had brief stays on the 53 man roster as well.

I will break these players down in depth in future post today.

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Dave Bryan
I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • Steve Duncan

    Kind of surprised not to see Bryant there, did he get picked up somewhere else?

  • Intropy

    Wow. No Johnson.

  • dgh57

    Happy to see Lee, Gilreath, and Victorian made it to the PS!

  • Steve Duncan

    Johnson who? Brandon and Will both made the active roster.

  • Bob Francis

    Hmmm… no Bryant or Frederick. I thought Frederick played pretty well in the preseason.

  • Steve Duncan

    A down vote? Really? Based on what, there’s not even any opinion there? At least have the balls to comment if you think I said something wrong.

  • SteelerDave

    Intropy is referring to QB Jerrod Johnson who played a great camp and preseason.

    I am also surprised he did not make the PS. A mistake if you ask me.

  • SteelerDave

    Looks to me like a Cheatroits or Ravens fan came here and simply down voted comments. No worries my friend, we get hated for just being Steeler faithful – jealousy lol.

  • NimbusHex

    Extremely disappointed that Jerrod Johnson didn’t get signed to the PS.

  • SteelSpine

    Big factor in who was cut to re-sign to PS was (as usual) who does the staff think would get plucked by other teams if didnt protect the player via on 53. Agents like to say “other teams inquired” about their client, some agent-speak is true but cant trust everything agents say.

    I think a good example of that is, Beachum protected on 53 insteada on PracticeSquad where he belongs. Beachum was steamrolled routinely in preaseason, so he appears at-least a year away strength-wise to be able to play, obviously if Steelers insert him before then Ben will get killed. I dont think staff has any intention taking a chance inserting Beachum to replace any injured player, so no sense having him on 53 (other than to protect against very-slight chance another team would pluck him). But Steelers kept Beachum on 53 over Ryan Lee & Essex. (Granted Essex stinks, but) If the statements are true LEE had such a “great preseason” then why didnt they keep Lee on 53 instead? Steelers apparenty think Beachum would be more likely to get plucked by another team than Lee would. Probly only because the fact Beachum played several years at OTackle therefore just-based on college, that’s considered more valuable, same reason Beachum was drafted but Lee was not.

    I know the Steelers will have Beachum on the “inactives” list each of the 16 games (because they know better then to put him on the line) but that seems like alotta trouble just to protect a guy who was not a high draft pick & didnt do anything in preseason to show you need to worry about anyone plucking him off our PS,

  • SteelSpine

    I agree. CharlieBatch has what one year left, & CBatch & Leftwich are one hit away from going onto annual IR for the year.

    It has become apparent the staff never had any intention of keeping JJohnson for anything other than a camp arm. We know every year in camp there’s a 4th QB “camp arm” only as insurance for in-case any 2 of the 3 QBs intended to keep, gets hurt badly during preseason. Pure luck none of 3 of our QBs got hurt thusfar this year (knock on wood, but it is defying the odds, in our case).

  • Intropy

    Oh yeah, a common name, Johnson. SteelerDave has it. I mean Jerrod Johnson who seemed pretty impressive. I thought he’d played equal to Batch. I can understand why they went with the veteran they know, but I think the Steelers need to start getting some younger guys as backups who will improve over time rather than degrade. Given that I thought he had a real shot at the 53, I’m pretty surprised he didn’t even make the practice squad unless some other team claimed him off waivers and I missed it.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Dave would better know but I believe Lee only played one postion…we need people with position flexibility…they feel Beachbum has that. People are not speaking on Malecki either who was solid again this year.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I thought Frederick wasnt very good. Victorian I felt did a good job in coverage, tackling when they caught the ball and playing ST’s…I dont remember frederick for much except missing tackles and getting burnt…not good memories.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I think because of all the injuries at other spots he got screwed here. Too bad because he was looking better each game.

  • SteelerDave

    I mostly agree, though feel Johnson should have been PS material over the 53 as what we did see was mostly against 3rd teamers. I have not yet been able to find any other team who signed him.

    I love Batch, am not very fond of Leftwich but when he has played has been effective enough. I also understand Charlie, it is very difficult to admit your time is over when you can still perform at a solid level. Charlie might even be a better QB now than he was a half dozen years ago because he has the smarts, the kind of smarts I want to see as a position coach.

    It would have been nearly unheard of to keep Batch and PS JJohnson. Some teams have dropped down to 2 QBs including the PS already. I think beyond any doubt it came down to the Steelers felt Batch would have been claimed and his value to the city and team goes beyond his physical skills.

    Still I hope to see JJohnsons come back next spring. He has the size and arm strength to develop into a solid #2 someday.

  • SteelerDave

    Yes indeed.

    Beachum stunk it up at camp compared to Lee but is more versatile and was drafted. At least we have Lee on the PS and if there is a need at OG then Beachum could always be cut and Lee brought up. At the same time I do think Beachum has a higher ceiling for development, though doubt he ever reaches it. Ryan Lee could start for a half dozen teams this season if you ask me, so we did well by getting him to the PS

  • AndyR34

    Do you really think that JJ has the talent to lead us to the SB? Other than Andy Reid, who spends a lot of time trying to ‘develop’ a 3rd string QB? Name a UFDA QB that became a ‘franchise’ QB? Why waste the time and effort…it’s not going to happen. Even if he played ‘equal’ to Batch (in your eyes and estimation)… Who would you rather have come in…a proven vet or an unknown? Pretty simple in mind!

  • SteelSpine

    I agree regarding Lee. And Colbert did say kept Beachum because of position flexibility. But Beachum getting steamrolled is no position anywhere, til next year at earliest. Beachum’s preseason unfortunately matched some scouting reports said too-weak for NFL. So as long as Beachum cannot play any position (& we dunno how long that’ll take but expect at-least a year), that does not give us any flexibility. That’s why I dont see what Beachum offers us this year.

    The plan of keeping a guy a coupla years on bench to build up enough strength to hopefully play down-the-road, reminds me of when Trai Essex was drafted. I remember when we drafted Essex, scouting reports said too-weak to be a prospect for right side of a line, but played tackle in college. Steelers’ intent of drafting Essex was to develop him on the bench a couple years & he’ll get stronger during that time so that after 2-3 years he will then become starter at LT. Essex provided zero his first 2 seasons. At 3 years, still didnt hear Essex’ name called to play, & he remained on bench after that.

  • SteelSpine

    I agree with you & Nimbus.
    Seems like it was only a coupla years ago were down to our 4th-string QB because injuries to Ben & Leftw & Dixon, we had to bring back ChalieBatch who was our 4th stringer who had been released.

  • Intropy

    No I don’t think he could lead* an SB team, but that’s not really a useful yardstick. I don’t think Leftwich or Batch could either. I think any of the three could come in, play decently, and win a few games.

    UDFA QB becoming a franchise QB? Is this a trick question like you want to imply there are none or just curious? Kurt Warner is probably the most obvious choice. Tony Romo is the guy playing right now. So I’ll be a free spirit and name Warren Moon, I guess.

    Who would I rather have come in a play if needed? Honestly, I’d rather have Leftwich come in. Of the other two, it’s about a wash. But Johnson takes up a bit less salary cap space, and I’m pretty sure I prefer him in 2013 with a year of practice than Batch in 2013 with another year of wear.

    * I’m taking lead to mean taking a team and being a reason it wins rather than just managing to scrape by QBing on a team with superior talent elsewhere.

  • Steve Duncan

    Oh Gotcha now. I didn’t even realize he didn’t make it. Which is a little surprising, especially since McCoy did.

  • Steve Duncan

    Which explains the no balls thing then… :)

  • SteelerDave

    I think the Steelers are making a mistake and falling behind the times at the detriment of our team. Strong statement so let me explain….

    Many teams have a starter and a backup and then a PS QB which allows for an additional position player on the 53 compared to what we currently do. I think the reason we keep both Batch and Leftwich is because of their age and injury history and lack confidence in the O-line be it reasonable or not to protect Ben.

    We should have either Charlie or Leftwich as our #2 and PS JJohnson.

  • SteelSpine

    That’s my observations/opinion too one each one of those 4 QBs.
    Batch played so well this preseason he actually might be in demand elsewhere now if ya consider some other teams’ backups have been injury prone too & not as accurate as Batch.