Warning: Beware Of Fake Story Claiming Ben Roethlisberger Broke Both Legs In Accident

Be warned that there is a fake story making the rounds on the internet that states Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger broke both his legs in a car accident on Wednesday.

The story is posted on a fake story generator website. I refuse to link to the site, as it would only bring them undeserved traffic.

It is unfortunate that fake stories like this grow legs, and in the age of social media that we live in, they grow those legs very quickly.

So consider yourself warned that the story is indeed a fake as Roethlisberger was at practice today as the team prepares to break for the bye week.

Besides, if Roethlisberger did break both of his legs, he would still play.

  • Hope

    Lol, that is very true…Ben is one Steeler who would play in a body cast if they allowed him.


    Just goes to show that in every part of the world, there are ASSHOLES!

  • Michael Wright

    You mean like you ?