Antonio Brown Gets Shoe Thrown Out Of The Game Against Eagles

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was not thrown out of the game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, but one of his pink shoes was.

Following a catch late in the second-quarter, Eagles safety Kurt Coleman tackled Brown at the Eagles nine-yard line and the receiver lost his shoe in the process. Coleman then proceeded to throw the shoe towards his own sideline after the play and he should have been flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Brown was forced to sideline because of the deliberate action of Coleman after the Steelers offense rushed to the line to spike the ball on first down to stop the clock late in the first half.

Coleman was asked after the game why he threw the shoe and he replied, “I didn\’t want it. I wasn\’t going to hand it to him. He was going to have to go get it.”

Nice of Coleman to be so classy and you can see an animated of the action below.

Antonio Brown Gets Shoe Thrown Out Of The Game Against Eagles

  • zyzak

    The replacement refs were working this game, or were they?

  • WilliamSekinger

    If there was ever a case for fining a player for unsportsmanlike conduct or conduct detrimental to the league, this is it. This makes the entire league looks bad.

  • Brendon Glad

    You undermine the quality sports-fixing job the officials did today by giving a full-story to the one-play. Spread was -3.5…and Steelers caught wrong end of 4 PI calls blown and 3 roughness or unsportsmanlike calls blown. I honestly hate call-gripers , but today smelled like a fix. Notice how they toned it down once it got to 3? Worked out perfect. No one will complain if Steelers win by less than 4. Oh but I will when I smell it. Hate NFL officials and always will

  • Brendon Glad

    And I don’t evenbet anymore. But if I did I would have been all over Steelers. And then I’d REALLY be breathing fire!!!!