Cincinnati Bengals 2012 Regular Season Play Direction Report

The Pittsburgh Steelers face the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday night and below is the play direction report for the Bengals offense and defense against both the run and the pass through their first six games. This will give you a sense of how the team is directionally and the NFL ranks are included as well. I will have my first preview up of the game later on today.

2012 Regular Season Play Direction Report for Cincinnati Bengals
Rushing Offense
Plays: 17Plays: 26Plays: 17Plays: 34Plays: 23Plays: 15Plays: 14
Rank: 16Rank: 6Rank: 15Rank: 23Rank: 5Rank: 21Rank: 17
Avg: 2.18Avg: 2.77Avg: 4.94Avg: 3.79Avg: 4.09Avg: 3.40Avg: 4.86
Rank: 32Rank: 24Rank: 9Rank: 19Rank: 12Rank: 18Rank: 14
Rushing Defense
Plays: 27Plays: 15Plays: 27Plays: 28Plays: 26Plays: 17Plays: 19
Rank: 8Rank: 21Rank: 4Rank: 25Rank: 3Rank: 17Rank: 11
Avg: 6.48Avg: 2.20Avg: 4.44Avg: 4.89Avg: 4.50Avg: 3.71Avg: 4.63
Rank: 24Rank: 7Rank: 19Rank: 28Rank: 23Rank: 19Rank: 18
Passing Offense
Plays: 49Plays: 43Plays: 78Plays: 12Plays: 13Plays: 19
Rank: 26Rank: 10Rank: 6Rank: 16Rank: 6Rank: 5
Avg: 7.35Avg: 8.16Avg: 6.62Avg: 10.17Avg: 17.77Avg: 12.68
Rank: 4Rank: 8Rank: 5Rank: 21Rank: 8Rank: 14
Comp %: 71.43Comp %: 72.09Comp %: 74.36Comp %: 33.33Comp %: 53.85Comp %: 42.11
Rank: 11Rank: 7Rank: 4Rank: 26Rank: 13Rank: 15
Passing Defense
Plays: 50Plays: 46Plays: 63Plays: 8Plays: 15Plays: 9
Rank: 24Rank: 8Rank: 18Rank: 28Rank: 3Rank: 27
Avg: 6.80Avg: 7.30Avg: 5.95Avg: 11.25Avg: 18.13Avg: 11.56
Rank: 28Rank: 19Rank: 21Rank: 14Rank: 23Rank: 15
Comp %: 74.00Comp %: 73.91Comp %: 63.49Comp %: 25.00Comp %: 66.67Comp %: 44.44
Rank: 27Rank: 25Rank: 13Rank: 4Rank: 26Rank: 20
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