David DeCastro Back Riding A Bike & Filling Up Refrigerators

According to the Associated Press, Pittsburgh Steelers rookie offensive guard David DeCastro is optimistic he’ll return at some point this season from a severe knee injury suffered in the preseason against the Buffalo Bills.

The report states that DeCastro is feeling better and that he reportedly is walking without a brace with his rehab currently keeping him limited to riding a stationary bike.

The Stanford product is attending team meetings, but has yet to be cleared to run yet. “I don\’t have any pain, so I\’m just working hard to try to get back,” DeCastro said.

“He\’s been in every meeting,” offensive coordinator Todd Haley said Thursday after practice. “He\’s doing all of the things that all of the young guys are doing. Some of that includes filling the refrigerator for the offensive line room, and the chip bag and snack box and all of those things. I saw him today on the bike and I thought that was encouraging. The key thing when you have an injury is that you stay in the mix mentally and he\’s all football, all the time. This is what he does.”

Ramon Foster has been filling in at right guard with DeCastro sidelined on a Steelers offensive line that has averaged just 2.64 yards a game to start the season. The offense looks to get a boost this Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles in the form of running back Rashard Mendenhall, who is on course to make his season debut after tearing his ACL late last season.

While the news is encouraging, DeCastro must spend at least eight weeks on the injured reserve after being given the new early return designation. With him yet to be cleared to run, it might be pushing it to expect him return to action immediately after the eight weeks is up, but that decision is still several weeks away right now.

  • HoustonJr

    I’m really glad DeCastro will be coming back this year. I’d love to see what Mendenhall could do behind a better o-line. People make a big fuss about Redman because he can push the pile. Mendenhall is a first round pick from a football factory in Illinois. With improvement at offensive line, Mendenhall will become one of the top backs in football.

  • zyzak

    Can Foster play LG?

  • Brendon Glad

    Great news. I hope he comes back strong and can play in both raven games after the disgusting displays of taunting his injury that so many ravens fans crowed on various message boards.

  • Koleman Dudek

    yes, he can play left guard.. wouldn’t be an upgrade over colon though..

  • Steve Duncan

    Illinois is a football factory? Who knew?

  • Chris Rhodes

    Illinois isn’t anymore a football factory than U of Pitts. actually Pitt is more.
    By the way Dwyer and Redman will also do much better behind an improved oline. Besides Mendenhall has had years to prove himself and time is running out. What Redman does better is run with better body lean and shoulders lower to the ground the 1st ten yards and doesn’t hesistate or dance like Mendy; plus Redman carries the ball in the right hand at the right time to protect it like to the sideline side when to the outside and Mendy seems to think that is meanless for some reason.
    Mendy has done nothing more than many third or forth rounders and its hurt the Steelers like Timmons inconsistenty as 1st round picks where they could’ve drafted more depth at safety years ago and more needed O line which it took them to 2012 draft to realize and Ben being injuried.
    It is what Cowher and Belicheat know, drafting a 1st round pick as RB is a huge gamble and better be Barry Sanders like or it bites you where oline in 1st round or DBs or DL doesn’t and typically cost much less.