Eagles Rookie Cornerback Refuses To Take Candy Bar Bait From Antonio Brown

On Wednesday Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown referred to Philadelphia Eagles rookie cornerback Brandon Boykin as a candy bar, but Boykin refused to take the Halloween month bait On Thursday.

“That\’s the candy bar,” Brown said on Wednesday to the Pittsburgh media when referencing the Georgia product.

Boykin was asked on Thursday to rebuttal the comments made by Brown, that included a reference to the rookie getting eaten up on Sunday by whichever Steelers wide receiver lines up in the slot against him.

“That\’s his opinion,” Boykin said on Thursday. “That\’s funny to me. We\’re just going to continue to do what we\’ve been doing as a secondary and me as well. I\’ve guarded three Pro Bowl receivers the past couple weeks and we\’ve been doing pretty good as a secondary. We\’re 3-1, so just going to continue to do what we\’ve been doing and let all that talking and stuff, let that play itself out on the field on Sunday.”

Brown talked on Wednesday how Boykin has given up a lot of plays on defense for the Eagles through their first four games, but according to Pro Football Focus, Boykin has been targeted 22 times in total and allowed just 11 receptions for 144 yards, 61 of which came after the catch. He also has 3 passes defended to his credit. When you break that down by attempt, Boykin has allowed just 6.55 yards per attempt.

Boykin most likely will be lined up against Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders on Sunday and he told the Philadelphia media that his response to Brown will come during the game.

“You\’ll see my comeback in the game, it\’ll be through my play, said Boykin. “I\’m not going to say anything directly to him. No need for me to.”

We shall see on Sunday how well the rookie responds to the candy trash talking of Brown and whether or not he melts under pressure at Heinz Field.

  • mghjr88

    I don’t like Brown running his mouth like this, especially when Sanders will be the receiver most likely to line up across from Boykin. I strongly prefer Boykin’s route taking the high road and stating that his play will be his comeback.

    PFF is a great resource and actually shows that Boykin’s overall rating is +0.2. While not a high rating, it is more than any Steelers cornerback can say as they are all in the negative(Taylor -1.9, Lewis -4.9, Allen -0.9). Obviously these stats don’t reflect everything, but it is saying something.

  • BIG_Y

    I AGREE 100% mghjr88… “Young Money” needs to just STFU and play… Comes off as looking absolutely ridiculous at 1-2… Nothing but noise, IMO…

  • Jason White

    I like the melting under pressure comment lol.

  • Brendon Glad

    Absolutely no need for it unless the team specifically told brown to say that as a ruse (99% sure that’s not the case). U have a team coming in probably feeling real good about themselves at 3-1…while we sit at 1-2. Would have much preferred brown saying they have a TREMENDOUS secondary and saving the smack for later if indeed the man is “a cookie jar”. It would make brown look better individually anyway!!!!what’s to gain? Basically what brown is saying is that if the slot receivers don’t explode for about 100yds in the middle, then they got handled by a poor player. That’s aggravating to me

  • Brendon Glad

    I can think of only 2 x where pre-game trash talk actually helped the Steelers. (2005 division playoff where Porter said the colts were scared to try to run on Steelers, and 2005 SB when Porter broke Jeremy Stevens will). Otherwise it usually goes like Anthony Smith’s smack went for him/us

  • Brendon Glad

    And saying it helped is being generous. It DID appear that Porter got in Jeremy’s head, and it appeared that the colts only got effective when they threw the run out of the window and started chucking it…but that certainly could be up for debate…Jeremy Stevens may have just been doing blow and drinking all saturday night in Detroit. That’s logical as well.

  • Koleman Dudek

    I like to see some trash talking.. we sure could use a Joey Porter to light a spark on this team.. lol

  • Dan

    I want Antonio Brown to go a game without fumbling before he talks trash.

  • Koleman Dudek

    other than the Raiders game, when was the last time AB put a ball on the ground??