James Harrison Introduced Himself To Robert Griffin III On Sunday

In case you missed it, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III got a chance to meet James Harrison on Sunday and he didn\’t even ask him for his autograph after it looked like the rookie was wanting to get meet safety Will Allen and get one from him in the 3rd quarter.

Steelers James Harrison Redskins Robert Griffin III

On a 2nd down and 12 play from the Steelers 32 yard-line, Griffin bailed left out of the pocket towards his own sideline as he was looking for an open receiver. Allen came up to provide pressure and gave Griffin a little push out of bounds after the pass was thrown away.

The push knocked Griffin into one of the Redskins coaches on the sideline and both fell down. When the rookie popped up he looked like he wanted to have a word with Allen, who was already headed back to the field, but instead found himself face first with Harrison who was trailing just behind on the play.

Harrison must have told Griffin that he had to wait until after the game to get Allen\’s autograph and the rookie decided that was a great idea, even though he was on his own sideline surrounded by his teammates. Those teammates also looked like Harrison gave the rookie some sound advice, as none of them seemed to want to disagree with Harrison.

  • SteelerDave

    James might be getting older and still working himself into top form but he is a man among boys and someone that you respect and listen to when he tells you something. I wish this was still the 1970’s NFL where men like Harrison were allowed to play real football.

  • Ahmad

    LMAO! This was pretty hilarious!

  • Fu-Schnickens

    Love it! Remember that Deebo (JH) has repeatedly been voted as one of the most intimidating players in the league which just might play into why people listen to him and shut the frick up. Twiggy little RG3 is wise to follow suit else he’s likely to get stung by that bee!

  • MikeTimlin

    i’ve been really enjoying your animated gifs’ breakdown of plays. This one is for all time! Im cracking up, thx