Jonathan Dwyer & Mike Adams Continue To Shine

With their 27-12 win Sunday over the Washington Redskins, the Pittsburgh Steelers have now put together back-to-back wins for the first time this season and part of that credit goes to rookie tackle Mike Adams and third-year running back Jonathan Dwyer.

Both Adams and Dwyer started for a second week in a row on Sunday and both played well above the line. Adamsdid not allow a sack in the game of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and his run blocking, along with the rest of the Steelers offensive line, provided Dwyer with enough running room for him to record his second consecutive 100 plus yard rushing performance. That marked the first time a Steelers running back has accomplished that feat since Willie Parker last did it in 2008.

Both of the young players were only reserves just a few weeks ago, but injuries to Marcus Gilbert, Rashard Mendenhall, and Isaac Redman in the Week 6 loss to the Tennessee Titans opened up the door for both to be the next men up for the Steelers.

Dwyer, who did suffer a strained quad late in the Sunday win, has now rushed for 229 yards on 34 carries in the last two games after being benched for fumbling in the Week 3 loss to the Oakland Raiders.

Adams, who had a pretty rough go of it in the preseason at left tackle, has settled in nicely now on the right side and could very well be pushing Gilbert, who his likely be sidelined a few more weeks with an ankle injury, for the starting job.

Both Dwyer and Adams have received calculated praise from head coach Mike Tomlin as recent as the post game press conference on Sunday. Tomlin refused to tip his hand as to whether or not Dwyer would start next Sunday against the New York Giants, but it will be hard for the coach to sit the Georgia Tech product assuming his quad checks out next week.

  • What? Any Sport, Any League, you go with the player that has the hot hand. Mendenhall has had 4 years to show he is the man and Redman had several games this year to show that and neither stepped up. Now you got Dwyer who has shined dramatically and Tomlin is not clarifying that he will be the starter next week. Let him keep the rock rollin baby. I know he is not Bettis but it is sure good to see a big back pound the rock in Pitt again!

  • I bet Gilbert is working his butt off right now to get back because he is about ready to lose his starting job..

  • Chris S

    Why would you want to show your hand to your next opponent that early and help them prepare? Also with all the injuries (Dwyer included) you do not know what the week will hold…so why commit to something you do not know is possible yet.

  • Pete

    The O line has been slowly getting chemistry and cohesion. Look at their pass blocking now and in the last several years. The run blocking has really improved over the past few games. I don’t think any back on this squad could do better in the first couple of games the way the line run blocked. It’s great seeing Adams step up as a rookie. Getting the reps is exactly how he’ll get better. We also have to give praise to the unsung guys, Legursky and Foster.

    Dwyer has surprised me and I think Tomlin would say this is a nice problem to have. I feel Batch will be the odd man out. It most likely will be Mendenhall, Redman, Dwyer, and Rainey. Mendenhall will get his chance to prove he’s the #1. Redman will have to prove he’s the #2. But Dwyer is hot right now and has shown he is a legitimate NFL back. A couple of weeks ago Redman blew everyone away with 100 yds receiving and now Dwyer has back to back 100 yds rushing.

    Maybe Tomiln rides the hot poney and sees how far it takes him. Tomlin knows he has 3 capable backs.

  • Ahmad

    Steelers are finally looking like a balanced offense and I love it! As soon as we can get in a couple more deep shots, this offense will be unstoppable.

  • Douglas Andrews

    He better be getting his but ready for that swing tackle role cause his days as a starting RT are over

  • Vic

    I’m hoping Adams continues to perform well. I’m not a Gilbert fan he took out out 1st round pick and we almost lost our pro bowl center. Go Adams go running game go steelers.

  • SteelSpine

    What I like is the coaching staff found a way to get use out of the best attributes of those 2 players Adams & Dwyer. We had desparately needed decent especially on the OLine. The staff apparently had found out what abilities Adams & Dwyer have & dont have.

    In Adams’ case, he wasnt good enough for LT but maybe fine for right OT & if he continues that he could have a nice home at right OT. Will be interesting to see how Adams does in better test next Sunday against Giants’ JPierre-Paul. There’s a reason the Wash deadskins have so many high draftpicks, they stink & have stunk for several years. But that was a needed warmup for Adams. On the right side (vs blind side) if Adams gets schooled, Ben will at-least see it easily.

    Gilbert will get his chance to see how well he plays on the left side that he wants. That’s because tho knock-on-wood, if Starks survives this entire season without ending it on IR that will be a nice miracle, every game Starks gives us is like a gift. Fingers crossed, because even if Starks is healthy all year we need one backup OT (in this case Gilbert) ready to step in as an OK backup OT for injuries to either of the starting OTs.

  • I love how this team is starting to gel an get everything together. Its so funny listening to the NFL network and ESPN on Sunday mornings and hearing how they are finished. I actually cant understand how Warren Sapp gets paid to be on that show. Everyone keep talking about their defense but last check they were number 1 against the pass and number 2 overall, what Steelers team are they watching.