LeBeau Says Thursday That Harrison & Polamalu Might Not Play Whole Game

It is looking very promising that both linebacker James Harrison and safety Troy Polamalu will suit up Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, but defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau warned Thursday that both might not play every snap.

“I’m looking forward to having our defense back together,” LeBeau said Thursday when asked about having the two players back. “They might not be able to play the whole game but we’ll get a lot of quality snaps from them. They both looked real well in the practices the last few days, and I’m anxious to see them play.”

Harrison hasn\’t played a down since the loss to Denver in the AFC Wild Card game last January, so he will likely be eased into the defense slowly over the next few weeks. Polamalu has missed the last two games with a strained calf, but still figures to see a high number of snaps, if not all of them, against the Eagles.

If things go as planned, Sunday will mark the first time since the week 13 game against the Cincinnati Bengals last season that the Steelers have had Polamalu, Harrison, Ryan Clark and LaMarr Woodley all on the field at the same time.

  • Brendon Glad

    My giving up of JH playing for the b&g this year is really working for me (I started last Wed) So I’m not holding my breath until 11:59am Sunday. But needless to say ill be ecstatic if he takes the field!

  • SteelSpine

    Keeping upcoming opponents guessing whether Harrison & Polamolu will play. Gotta do that, it makes all the difference in the world for offenses preparing for Steelers.

  • joed32

    He’s bound to have a shortage of stamina due to the lack of practice and being able to run. That’s what I think he’s talking about, him getting tired and needing a rest and not whether he will play.