Marcus Gilbert Disputes Report That He Will Be Out For Two Months

On Wednesday Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey told the media that right tackle Marcus Gilbert could be out for an extended period time as he recovers from a tendon injury suffered in the loss to the Tennessee Titans this past Thursday, but Gilbert has now chimed in to say that he will not be out that long.

“He\’s going to miss a significant amount of time, maybe up to six weeks, said Pouncey. “I don\’t think it\’s season ending, but we\’ve got to give him time to heal and get his body right.”

Later on Wednesday Gilbert took to Twitter to dispute the comments made by his teammate. The Gilbert tweet read: “I will not be out for 2 months, ill back really really soon!”

Gilbert flew to North Carolina on Monday to see a specialist about his injured ankle, which apparently will not need surgery. Head coach Mike Tomlin talked about the status of Gilbert on Tuesday during his press conference and said that the tackle is week-to-week right now.

“He has a tendon injury in his ankle,” said Tomlin about Gilbert. “It does not require surgery. He is week to week. He will be out this week. But it was a positive meeting in that the injury does not require surgery.”

Perhaps Pouncey was just having fun with the media or perhaps he really thinks that Gilbert will could be sidelined for that long. Tomlin ruled the second-year tackle out for the Sunday night game against the Cincinnati Bengals and that is about the only thing that is certain at this point. At least the tendon did not need surgery, so there\’s that.

  • Brendon Glad

    I’ve been fairly sarcastic about Gilbert’s injury since I’m upset with his play this year…and in the injuries he has caused. BUT…While kinda happy we get to see Adams thrown in the fire…I HAVE noticed that I suck at projecting OL. Even after seeing them start. I woulda bet a lot of $ that both Essex and keomatu would widely be considered better ol than Max starks. And that is NOT the case. Sometimes I think those guys may be playing out of position. Thought Essex looked adequate at LT…bad at the others. Thought Kemp looked good at eg…bad at LG…thought starks looked bad at ft…good at LT….thought colon looked good at rt …bad at LG…and so on

  • Brendon Glad

    Gotta correct my “spell-corrector”. “Kemo at right guard good…left bad” starks “bad at right tackle good at left” sorry