Pouncey, Gilbert, Mendenhall & Redman All Injured In Steelers Loss

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin had a lengthy injury list to go over following the 26-23 loss in Nashville Thursday night to the Tennessee Titans.

Tomlin said that center Maurkice Pouncey (knee) suffered an MCL of some description and needs to be evaluated. Running back Rashard Mendenhall (Achilles) suffered an Achilles injury of some kind according to Tomlin, who did not elaborate.

Also injured according to Tomlin were tackle Marcus Gilbert (ankle), linebacker Chris Carter (hamstring), running back Isaac Redman (ankle) and linebacker Brandon Johnson (hamstring).

Tomlin said that safety Ryan Clark (hip) suffered a hip pointer but that he was able to return. Although not mentioned by Tomlin, safety Will Allen (neck) left the game with a stinger, but did return.

Safety Troy Polamalu (calf) and linebacker LaMarr Woodley (hamstring) were inactive Thursday night due to their injuries suffered last week.

  • Tim

    thoughts on the game:
    need to be a better road team. 0-3 is not good, especially considering
    the Raiders and Titans have had poor seasons thus par.
    -Ike Taylor
    needs to be a top corner. I counted 3 flags today (one being declined),
    and about half a dozen receptions. Seems like he plays two far off on
    slants and holds on go routes.
    -3rd down defense was not good today
    at all. Obvious example was at the end of the game but all throughout
    they couldn’t get off the field.
    -3rd down offense was mediocre. Makes you realize that relying on Ben to climb out of every hole won’t always work.
    -Doug Legursky filled in well as expected, Mike Adams showed his inexperience.
    -It would be Ryan Mundy to eff up the punt blocking.
    -Really happy for Baron Batch.
    -Is there any player in the league more realiable than Heath Miller? Serious question.
    -Sean Suisham is looking good. Made a 52 yarder, missed a 54 by just a yard. Can’t put that on him.
    -Laurence Timmons had another good game, but LB’s as a unit struggled on runs inbetween the tackles.
    -Rainey had a nice game with returns and a few offensive touches.

    FINAL WORD: Another example of the Steelers hurting themselves. A
    pick at the end of the half and failure to get off the field on 3rd down
    cost them 6 points right before halftime. Blocked punts should never
    happen. Roethlisberger missed open WRs on two 3rd downs late in the 2nd
    half (Saunders and Batch(?) at the end). And obviously Keenan Lewis’s
    drop on the game-tying TD drive would have ended the game.

  • Reader783

    I can’t believe we just lost to the Titans. This season is eerily similar to the 2009-2010 season when the Steelers went 9-7 with those two fourth quarter and overtime losses to the Raiders and Chiefs. Not to mention we have 3 conference losses. We can’t afford to lose 3 more games at this point and have to get through it with two against both the Ravens and Bengals, NYG, Chargers, Redskins, Dallas and even the Chiefs and Browns after losing to the Titans. I mean after losing to the Titans, you could lose to every team in the league. Awful performance literally everywhere. 3rd defensive choke of the season, too. I know that injuries aren’t helping, but honestly, the Titans can not beat you if you plan to win anything. Also, I was shocked that Tomlin kicked that field goal. Punt the ball and make Hasselbeck go 90 yards in 50 seconds rather than 25 yards. I could go on and on about this one. Just wow.

  • Tim

    ^and the injuries became a joke almost by the end. Considering everything though, with 5 min left in the game, this was a game the Steelers should have won. Need to play better in Divisional games.

  • Reader783

    In terms of mistakes by unit (in my opinion):
    –Special teams- blocked punt; every kick that was 8 yards deep came out to the 25; punt returns never seemed to gain yards, but rather lose some.
    –Offense: Drives continued to stall inside the red zone; after scoring on an 82 yard TD, the offense did nothing at all until late in the 3rd quarter; offense did not capitalize on the rare, good field position they were given (e.g Timmons int)
    –Defense: Just choked in the second half AGAIN; Even after a bad game, you are given a 7 point lead and the Titans go 80 yards like that. The Titans hadn’t scored a TD on a drive starting on the 20 in 31 straight opportunities; Ike Taylor was eaten up all night and the pass rush was present sometimes, but other times it seemed like we didn’t even have a defensive front.
    –Coaching: Punt the ball at the end. Play in OT. Suisham hit the 52 yarder by 2 or 3 yards max, don’t gamble the game on the kicker making a career long.

  • AndyR34

    Face it…the Steelers are sadly just not a very good football team this year. Some good players…a lot of underperforming players…and a poorly coached team… Witness the penalties, etc

  • Reader783

    The sad thing is that without the devastation of injuries, we are right up there. We can’t catch a break and guys are struggling. Without Polamalu, Ike struggles on coverage across the middle. Without Woodley or Harrison (whoever it may be it seems), our pass rush is not a factor. Without Pouncey, Gilbert, DeCastro and Foster, our run game does not exist. Without Mendy or Redman, Batch needs to take the carries alone. However, the most disappointing aspect of it all is that even with ALL of these injuries, we could and should still be 5-0. I;m convinced a healthy Steelers team beats the Broncos and even our scrappy units should have beat the Raiders and Titans, but we continue to just choke late. A comment above uses an interesting word to describe it: “shame”. If the team doesn’t feel shame right now, then we are in trouble. It’s embarrassing that we can’t even rest Polamalu and Woodley to get them healthy without losing to the Titans.

  • Tim

    Agree with everything except maybe the decision to kick a FG. It was 4th & 7 so going for it was too risky. maybe 5 yards to go and we do it. Suisham had just drilled a 52 yarder and hadnt missed yet including preseason. And most of all, there was time and timeout for the Titans. you just said how the Defense couldnt stop drives that even began inside the TEN 30. Think to the Ravens game last year (its OK if you dont want to though). Very similar situation.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I think Tomlin has reached a dangerous stage for any coach. The world of second guessing. We got a punt blocked earlier, so we try to kick a long FG hoping to make it work out. They should have gone to the line and tried to draw them offsides in an obvious empty backfield set. Get the 5 yards there if you can, if not you take the Delay and punt.

    Lots of changes are needed, but honestly the D and special teams are just horrible. The offense is mediocre, especially without Mendenhall, but if your D cannot get a needed stop, you are in trouble. Guess what….we’re in trouble.

  • Reader783

    Right, but the Ravens had 1:50…the Titans would have had 45 seconds to go 60 or so yards. Wrong decision in my eyes, but that is not why we lost. We deserved to lose that game in every facet.

  • Buccos9

    I thought I was seeing signs of the Steelers defense progressing in the Eagles game, but it went backwards last night. Linemen were over pursuing the run leaving wide open cut back lanes for Chris Johnson, Ike Taylor looked like he was pulled out of a bar just before the game, Keenan Lewis (who thinks he should be in the Pro Bowl) can’t catch a ball thrown right at him, and there was only a sporadic pass rush. I could not believe the late game defensive play calling again. Third and nine and you rush only two linemen, giving the geriatric QB all day to eventually find a receiver for the first down? Any QB can complete a pass if he has all day to wait for a receiver to get open. Based on the Eagles game, I thought coach Lebeau remembered how to be aggressive on defense in crucial situations. It was a mirage. This play brought back bad memories of the play late in the Raiders game where he had the CB playing ten yards off the receiver on third and two. Easy completion, easy first down. Raiders win. As coach Tomlin likes to say, this kind of play calling is “below the line.” I suppose he qualifies too for sending out a kicker to try a 54 yarder when the longest he has ever made was a 52 yarder. Let’s make a high risk play and give them a short field to get into field goal position if the play fails. This team is in big trouble unless a lot of things change.