Rashard Mendenhall Scolds Angry Steelers Fans On Twitter

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall is back active on Twitter again, and following the 26-23 Thursday night loss to the Tennessee Titans, the running back chastised some angry fans on the social media platform.

Mendenhall tweeted on Friday, “Seriously, if you\’re gonna talk trash about your team and everyone on it, don\’t call yourself a fan. A fan is a supporter…”

Well, that tweet certainly won\’t help things out and Mendenhall of all people should know that by now. The best remedy to the problem is to just block those people on Twitter instead of dignifying them with a response.

Mendenhall says that a fan is a supporter, but unfortunately some fans are only supporters when their team wins. Now there is nothing wrong with being critical of a team. Besides, that is what makes the internet so damn good and sometimes so damn bad.

Educated criticism is the best, but unfortunately there is not a lot of it as most fans and media really do not understand the X\’s and O\’s of the game. That\’s not me taking a shot, it is the truth. You should see some of the reactionary tweets I get. Ok, maybe it is a shot.

Back to Mendenhall. The team and the fans are very frustrated right now, especially after the loss Thursday night. I bet cornerback Ike Taylor is wearing out his block button today.

If Mendenhall is going to be on Twitter he should expect that not everyone is going to be open minded and think everything through like he suggested in a recent blog post. People love to point a finger and place blame at every little thing in life, especially when it comes to their favorite team losing. Face it, people love to bitch and moan, even when their team wins.

Here is a tip, Rashard, the block button is your friend.

  • Brendon Glad

    Fan is short for “fanatic” I am, and will never apologize for it. Obviously members of the team read various media sources involving the team. Right or wrong, I believe 1,000% in everything I say about the Steelers and would never post a word of negative criticism if I didn’t have a shred of hope that someone within the organization might read it. So on a positive note, Ben is the most underrated player of all-time…JH Looked good…Heath Miller is awesome… but that helps nothing for my fandom. I want someone, anyone, within the org. To see the NEGATIVE posts and at least ponder them. Good to know that at least rashard is seeing them lol

  • Brendon Glad

    For example, I am one of probably FIVE THOUSAND people willing to be on call for FREE during every Steeler game to hold the hand of whoever helps Mike Tomlin butcher his challenges and say “hey dude…Kenny Britt never had control…so it might save u 30 yards if u challenge that.” Everybody with me say “AMEN”!!!! I like Tomlin but he needs to look in the mirror and at his “replay-staff” cuz he is horrible at that.

  • SteelSpine

    Once again Mendenhall put his foot in his mouth, but of-course his history of it is why his tweets become articles even tho most other players tweet. This time, as if fans want mediocrity instead of improving. The day anyone relies on Mendenhall to be their teacher, will be idiocracy. As if the reason Mendy went to school to be a running back was to be a student, hahah. To show Mendy won’t quite become a teacher, heheh, Mendenhall’s only job has been to run the ball yet he still cant remember which arm to switch carrying the ball to reduce odds of fumbling.

  • zyzak

    Mendenhall played for Illinois of the Big 10. You comments are idiotic

  • I love my Steelers & everything the organization stands for being from Pittsburgh and most of us do. Social media gossip is just that, People are going to voice there opinions regardless so with that said its time to get back to PITTSBURGH STEELERS FOOTBALL plain & simple. Steeler Nation where 0-0 in division play at this point & its not how you start but how you finish no matter what line of work your in. Stay postive & postive things will happen. GO STEELERS!