Report: Mike Adams To Start At Right Tackle Against Bengals

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie tackle Mike Adams said on Monday that he will start at right tackle next Sunday night against the Cincinnati Bengals, according to Mike Prisuta of DVE Radio.

It was reported earlier in the day that starter Marcus Gilbert was spotted with his right foot in a boot after injuring it Thursday night in the loss to the Tennessee Titans. Gilbert posted Monday afternoon on Twitter that he was on a plane heading somewhere, so we can only speculate that he might be headed to see a specialist for his injury.

If indeed Gilbert is out for a while, we could see the Steelers make a roster move as early as Tuesday. The only other tackle on the roster is rookie Kelvin Beachum, who appears likely to dress now against the Bengals.

The Steelers have two offensive linemen on their practice squad in the form of John Malecki and Ryan Lee, but both are interior linemen type. Right guard Ramon Foster did get some snaps at right tackle during the preseason and left guard Willie Colon was previously a right tackle before moving inside this season.

We will have to see what head coach Mike Tomlin says about all of this on Tuesday, but it is apparent that Gilbert could be down for a while.

  • Brendon Glad

    I’m not impressed with any of the 3. But I’d like to see Adams thrown in the fire with an opponent having time to plan for him. We will have a lot better read on him after this week. However, I think Gilbert has regressed to me not liking him this year, whereas Max starks used to be my least favorite player, and once he moved to LT I think he’s been a lifesaver 3 yrs in a row. So I guesses u never quite know with o-linemen for a while.

  • jake

    Trai Essex is now available after getting cut by colts, although maybe its time to see what Malecki or Lee can do.

  • Ahmad

    Well Adams isn’t that bad at RT so lets see what he can do.

  • Mike.H

    count on Kugler to dial up many of his old contacts, ala other team rejects to fill up some holes.

  • James

    I’m semi-comfortable with Adams at RT, sure it will be rough at times but he’ll get better

  • zyzak

    Adams will get it done.

  • To see some positive play come out of the remaining “healthy” 2012 Draft picks besides a 5th rounder (Rainey) and a 7th rounder (Paulson) would be a definite plus. Let the Kid play and grow! Go Steelers!

  • anon

    Am I the only one here who is dreading Adams at RT. I feel more & more that Adams was a wasted pick. He started off bad at the combine, lied about it, and now has been a revolving door at RT whenever he fills in. Ever since the preseason, his guy always seems to get pressure on the QB. At least during the preseason, they would get Ben out before they let him play. Now, that is not an option. I hope Ben has his life insurance up to date w/ Adams starting. Put Colon at RT, then get some scrub G off the street – I kid, well, maybe not.

  • SteelSpine

    But the one player Kugler had brought to Steelers from Kugler’s prior team was Jonathan Scott. I dont know what Kugler was thinking believing JScott could play tackle, that reflected badly on Kugler’s ability to assess talent.

  • SteelerDave

    I’ve been of the belief that the ideal position for Adams is RT and Gilbert as a LT since early in camp. Adams has ideal size and agility to one day become a dominate RT and Gilbert is a natural LT and wants to play LT.

    Yes, Adams is a rookie but look for him to excel in his starting role at RT.

  • Mike.H

    perhaps J. Scott tossed a few poker hands Kugler’s way to make inroads. Succeeded.

  • SteelSpine

    I understand. We’ve been desparat for OTs the past few years but OT prospects got picked over by teams drafting ahead of us in 1st round each year, teams above us in 1st rds even made reaches downward because it’s for good OTs. So in last draft late in 2nd round, whatever OT prospect was still left after they had been picked over, we desparately needed somebody for OT so we were the team to take a chance on the guy (Adams). I thot they would now move Foster to RT, indeed easier to put a scrub at G. Steelers will have help for Adams on pass plays tho.

    The concern I have with Adams at RT is it ties up Heath Miller. Last game when Adams came in at ROT for injured Gilbert, TV announcers pointed out the coaches wisely lined up Heath Miller right-behind the outside shoulder of Adams for the snap, knowing previous games Adams had been a turnstyle. That is taking a Steeler out of the mix, & it’s one less weapon (Heath) the opponent needs to worry about. Plus that’s a tipoff of whether the Steelers intend to run, assuming Cincy watched that tape; when Heath is not at Adams at the snap, that’s a read to be a run play. Redman also will be trained to be looking at right tackle on pass plays.

  • Chris92021

    The Ta’amu suspension really works out. One, the kid is learning a lesson. Two, it opens up a roster spot so we can address the depth on the o-line. Malecki will get promoted, Beachum will be active, and Adams will be the next man up. I think he will show why he’s a 2nd round pick this Sunday.