Report: Polamalu Likely Out Until After Halloween

So you want some more bad news on the morning after the Pittsburgh Steelers 26-23 loss Thursday night to the Tennessee Titans?

I forgot to pass along the comments made by Mike Prisuta of DVE Radio during the pregame radio show last night in which he said that the word he is hearing is that safety Troy Polamalu is pregame radio show expected to miss four weeks of action after re-injuring his right calf last Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Although Prisuta did not elaborate on those comments, or cite his source, the time frame is certainly fathomable, especially when you remember back to how Polamalu had to hop on one leg from the far side of the field to the Steelers sideline after reinjuring the calf early in the game.

Polamalu missed two weeks of action following the season opener against the Denver Broncos, and in that game you weren\’t able to pick out the play that he hurt his calf.

Will Allen started at strong safety last night against the Titans over Ryan Mundy, and that likely will remain the depth chart when the Steelers take on the Cincinnati Bengals next Sunday night.

Water is wet and the Steelers need a healthy Polamalu in their secondary, but it sounds like it will be after Halloween until he is back.

Happy Friday everyone.

  • disqus_dPFVIv3cEf

    Absolutely Pathetic! No energy, no heart. I didnt even see anyone get hit hard last night? Can anyone rush the passer anymore?

  • RW

    Unbelievable. Can you put up a post on what our injury situation has been like the past 2 years versus our two super bowl years this decade? Better yet, how about our injury situation year by year since 2000 and look at our wins/losses? It might give us a better idea of the magnitude of our problem right now.

  • Brendon Glad

    I saw a special on parcells once. It talked about his first week with the woeful jets when he took over. He grabbed the injury log by his medical/training staff which he used his hands to describe as about 6″ thick, and during his first team meeting said “see this injury log? Its gonna look like THIS (fingers held 1″ apart) when I’m done with u” needless to say training/medical were some of his first firings. I’m starting to think we have a problem there. Injuries happen, but the Steelers sure aren’t impressing me there. Guys keep reinjuring the same things. That’s on the training staff in my opinion. Don’t clear em if u haven’t rehabilitated them to a competitive level.