Steelers Bengals Week 7 Defensive Participation Chart

Below are the defensive player play counts and the participation chart for the Pittsburgh Steelers week 7 game against the Cincinnati Bengals. We also are including down, time of play and yards gained to better help you identify the play. The play counts are for non-penalty plays.

The Steelers were in the dime for 9 snaps in total and in the nickel for 14. Both Al Woods and Steve McLendon only saw 1 snap each while Cameron Heyward saw only 7. No snaps for Jason Worilds this week as LaMarr Woodley played every snap.

Click on the image below to see the full PDF version of the participation chart.

Steelers Bengals Week 7 Defensive Participation  Report

OLBJames Harrison49
OLBLaMarr Woodley49
CBKeenan Lewis49
CBIke Taylor49
FSRyan Clark49
ILBLawrence Timmons48
DEBrett Keisel46
DEZiggy Hood44
ILBLarry Foote41
SSWill Allen35
NTCasey Hampton25
CBCortez Allen23
SSRyan Mundy14
DBCurtis Brown9
DECameron Heyward7
NTSteve McLendon1
DEAl Woods1

  • I think most of us would like to see McLendon get at least a third of the snaps if not half of them. I understand the loyalty and veteran respect for Casey but it seems Hoke rotated in alot more when he was here than what McLendon does. Maybe they are saving him in case Casey has another injury??

  • Menace_501

    I second the motion for McLendon to get more snaps, he proved him self in off season and preseason games. No disrespect to Hampton but 50% of snaps each would make a stronger line I would think in the 4th quarter also.