Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Eagles – Week 5

Below are the coverage stats for the Pittsburgh Steelers following their Sunday win against the Philadelphia Eagles. While the completion percentage was high at 67%, the defense did do a good job tackling after the catch outside of two plays. Not shown is the pass interference call on Ike Taylor. These stats show quarter, down and distance and liner of scrimmage as well. The 2 passing touchdown allowed were charged to Ryan Mundy and Larry Foote.

Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Eagles


Steelers Eagles Pass Attempts By Play

114:2927PHI 1990COMP18-J.Maclin23-K.Lewis
113:51110PHI 2800INC18-J.Maclin24-I.Taylor
112:44310PHI 28120COMP81-J.Avant28-C.Allen
112:19110PHI 4094COMP25-L.McCoyNA
19:59310PIT 4300INC18-J.Maclin23-K.Lewis
17:47110PHI 3900INC10-D.Jackson25-R.Clark
16:16110PIT 13101COMP18-J.Maclin23-K.Lewis
214:37110PHI 349-2COMP10-D.Jackson24-I.Taylor
213:36110PHI 4700INC10-D.Jackson24-I.Taylor
24:2726PHI 242317COMP10-D.Jackson24-I.Taylor
23:53110PHI 47-22COMP25-L.McCoyN/A
23:17212PHI 4500INC18-J.Maclin24-I.Taylor
310:22110PHI 2050COMP87-B.Celek50-L.Foote
37:40212PHI 49110COMP18-J.Maclin24-I.Taylor
37:12110PIT 25102COMP81-J.Avant29-R.Mundy
36:40110PIT 151517COMP25-L.McCoy50-L.Foote
35:21110PHI 1358COMP25-L.McCoyN/A
34:4125PHI 1800INC10-D.Jackson29-R.Mundy
34:3635PHI 1800INC10-D.Jackson29-R.Mundy
414:1325PHI 2622COMP87-B.Celek50-L.Foote
413:3433PHI 282-1COMP10-D.Jackson29-R.Mundy
412:30110PHI 32120COMP81-J.Avant94-L.Timmons
411:2828PHI 4640COMP18-J.Maclin50-L.Foote
49:23110PIT 4551COMP18-J.Maclin23-K.Lewis
48:11110PIT 3400INC10-D.Jackson24-I.Taylor
48:05210PIT 3400INC87-B.Celek93-J.Worilds
48:00310PIT 34240COMP10-D.Jackson24-I.Taylor
47:26110PIT 1000INC25-L.McCoy94-L.Timmons
47:21210PIT 1088COMP82-C.HarborN/A
46:3832PIT 220COMP87-B.Celek29-R.Mundy

  • Tim

    ^it doesnt matter if 2 or 3 guys have good coverage if keenan lewis is leaving his guy wide open on a 12 yard out route on a 3rd down. unless its one player consistently giving up completions, the DBs need to be evaluated as a unit and Sunday they were not great.

  • Pete

    I’m not impressed with Keenan Lewis. Then again, it wasn’t that long ago that we wanted to run Suisham out of town. Lewis deserves a season under his belt as a starter before we can say whether he’s good or not.