Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Titans – Week 6

Below are the coverage stats for the Pittsburgh Steelers following their Thursday night loss to the Tennessee Titans. While the completion percentage was a manageable at 57%, the defense did not do a good job tackling after the catch as the Titans had 106 in YAC with 20 coming on the final completion to tight end Jared Cook with Steelers linebacker James Harrison in coverage. Not shown is the pass interference calls on Ike Taylor, which were pretty big plays to say the least. These stats show quarter, down and distance and liner of scrimmage as well. The passing touchdown allowed was charged to Taylor.

Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Titans


Steelers Titans Pass Attempts By Play

114:54110OTI 27191CMP85-N.Washington23-K.Lewis
114:25110OTI 4600INC18-K.Britt24-I.Taylor
113:3433PIT 47151CMP18-K.Britt24-I.Taylor
111:43210PIT 1063CMP89-J.Cook25-R.Clark
111:0234PIT 400INC13-K.Wright23-K.Lewis
16:3627OTI 2400INC88-C.Stevens25-R.Clark
16:2937OTI 2443CMP88-C.Stevens28.C.Allen
14:0238OTI 29379CMP18-K.Britt24-I.Taylor
13:44110PIT 34120CMP17-D.Williams24-I.Taylor
13:04110PIT 2253CMP84-T.Thompson92-J.Harrison
12:05210PIT 2215CMP28-C.JohnsonN/A
11:2039PIT 2100INC18-K.Britt23-K.Lewis
212:50110OTI 3050CMP28-C.Johnson94-L.Timmons
212:05211OTI 2900INC85-N.Washington23-K.Lewis
211:59316OTI 2400INC85-N.Washington28.C.Allen
27:06110OTI 1600INC18-K.Britt23-K.Lewis
27:02210OTI 16-10CMP13-K.Wright23-K.Lewis
23:1632OTI 2250CMP18-K.Britt23-K.Lewis
22:1223OTI 3400INC45-Q.JohnsonN/A
22:0833OTI 3420CMP17-D.Williams28.C.Allen
21:1021OTI 2140CMP89-J.Cook94-L.Timmons
20:45110OTI 251914CMP89-J.Cook94-L.Timmons
20:38110OTI 4400INC18-K.BrittN/A
20:34210OTI 4400INC17-D.Williams24-I.Taylor
20:29310OTI 441217CMP28-C.JohnsonN/A
20:22110PIT 4400INC85-N.Washington28.C.Allen
20:16210PIT 4400INC85-N.Washington28.C.Allen
20:11310PIT 44158CMP13-K.Wright23-K.Lewis
37:3528OTI 36250CMP85-N.Washington24-I.Taylor
36:50110PIT 3934CMP13-K.Wright24-I.Taylor
36:1227PIT 3600INC18-K.Britt24-I.Taylor
412:0431OTI 3430CMP13-K.Wright28.C.Allen
411:27110OTI 37133CMP85-N.Washington24-I.Taylor
410:0328PIT 4800INT13-K.Wright94-L.Timmons
47:36110OTI 3200INC85-N.Washington23-K.Lewis
47:31210OTI 32161CMP13-K.Wright24-I.Taylor
44:51110PIT 1500INC85-N.Washington23-K.Lewis
44:44210PIT 1500INC18-K.Britt24-I.Taylor
44:3025PIT 500INC18-K.Britt24-I.Taylor
44:2535PIT 550CMP18-K.Britt24-I.Taylor
40:49110OTI 4554CMP28-C.Johnson94-L.Timmons

  • zbluez1

    After watching the first five weeks of defensive calls it appears that the run gaps consistently have one gap left open either the A or B and the line backer that is usually responsible for that gap IF the nose tackle is slanted to the other side is 5 or 6 yards off the line of scrimmage instead of in the hole. Secondly, it appears that those blitzes that come up short of pressure don’t seem to be overloading the same gap but are spaced more towards filling the gaps like a run blitz. So this tendency got me thinking, is it that poor of execution by the players or is LeBeau over thinking what the opposition is doing or may possibly do especially in the fourth quarter. It seems he is prone to calling something new blitz wise instead of recalling what has been working at least partially during the first three quarters. Anyone else noticing anything similar tactically?