Steelers Lack Of Discipline Now Shows Up Off The Field With Arrest Of Ta\’amu Sunday Morning

On the field this season the Pittsburgh Steelers have been an undisciplined team and it appears that one member of their 2012 rookie class is undisciplined off the field as well as fourth round draft pick Alameda Ta\’aum was arrested by the Pittsburgh police early Sunday morning and charged with several felonies.

The Washington product reportedly hit four cars while driving the wrong way down a one-way street and then tried to elude police on foot after he finally stopped. The incident almost ended up with Ta\’amu being shot and he registered a .196 blood alcohol level, according to a WPXI report.

Ta\’amu now has a court appearance scheduled for later this month, but by that time he very well might be unemployed, as the Steelers will almost assuredly waive the rookie.

Ta\’amu has been inactive for all five games so far this season as he his buried on the depth chart behind veteran Casey Hampton and Steve McLendon. Head coach Mike Tomlin and General Manager Kevin Colbert must send a message to the rest of the team and release Ta\’amu regardless of his long-term potential. If they don\’t, they will catch hell for it.

While Tomlin did not make the decision to drink and drive and attempt to elude police, this will ultimately be one more thing that people will point to as evidence that the 2012 Steelers do not have the team discipline to compete for a championship this season. This also is a distraction that needs to be dealt with quickly.

Things need to turn around quickly for the Steelers and turnaround fast and you can expect that Tomlin will be peppered with questions during his Tuesday press conference about the overall discipline of the team both on and off the field.

  • Brendon Glad

    I didn’t know he could hit anything. Are they sure they caught the right Guy?

  • SteelSpine

    When NFL suspends him, I think non-football suspensions don’t count against 53 nor counts as one of the number of inactives. He was gonna continue being inactive the next handful of games anyway, so I hate to say it but he mightta done the team a favor because while suspended the Steelers can add a body. Steelers brass might wait til his NFL suspension ends to decide if whoever replaced him during that time (Al Woods or whatever) is good enough to cut Taamu, as they did with TE Saunders.

    When (or if) Steelers cut Taamu, the teams which love to sign convicted folks will probly race to sign him: Bengals, Cowboys etc.

  • SteelSpine

    Ba da bing:)

  • alex

    ouch people, weres the empathy?

    must be tough on the kid sitting around waiting to get on the field…

  • Brendon Glad

    I imagine there are at least a few better ways to handle it. But as steel spine said, he can put that at the top of his resume for oak. Cin det and dal. They prob are suddenly intrigued

  • Young Kid + .196 Booze/Blood Level = He has no memory of what he even did (hopefully)…I am not giving him an excuse but from what I hear, he has had no problems in the past and was raised to be a good person. Thank Goodness nobody was seriously injured.

  • Itisafineday

    The current makeup of this team is really starting to feel like the Cower team (sometime in the 90’s) that didn’t make the playoffs for two consecutive seasons. As with Tomlin, Cower began his Steelers coaching career, “like a bull in a China shop.” But then Cower got soft, and many people/fans were surprise that the Rooney’s kept Cower after the second season without a playoff appearance. If I recall correctly, Cower returned the next season with a renewed firm hand, and the Steelers began playing playoff football again.

    Having said all that, this is not just a Tomlin thing. Unless the teams GM has completely turned over the personnel duties to the head coach… which I highly doubt. Of course, Colbert and Tomlin have picked some real ggod players, but too often, it seems to me, the team picks players for need instead of sticking with “the best player available” strategy. Look at Timmons, who in just the past few games has begun to look like a real good player. The main issue I have realized with him is he was so young and had little college experience, that Timmons had/has a very poor feel for the professional game. He was picked, in part, because he looked pretty on tape. Timmons has a great natural gift, but in the NFL if your mind can’t translate your gifts to the field your mostly worthless. Remember how good/gifted the WR Sweed was going to be? The Steelers were so lucky that he fell so far in the draft that year… not! This team predicates its success on how well they draft. Well look at the current roster, the more poor draft choices than good ones are now showing up.