Steelers Reinstate Rookie NT Alameda Ta\’amu From Suspended List

On Monday the Pittsburgh Steelers reinstated rookie nose tackle Alameda Ta\’amu from the reserve suspended list following his two week suspension and have been granted a short roster exemption before needing to make a corresponding move on the roster.

Ta\’amu was suspended for two weeks without pay by the team back on Oct. 16th after leading Pittsburgh police on an early morning alcohol-fueled chase back on Oct. 14th. During the suspension Ta\’amu was not permitted to be around the team facility.

“Due to his actions this past weekend we are going to be suspending him for two weeks,” Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said almost two weeks ago. “This suspension is without pay. He will not participate in any organized team activities, he won\’t be in meetings, he won\’t be on the practice field and obviously he won\’t be at our facility.”

The Steelers will not have to make a corresponding roster move until Wednesday as they have been granted a short roster exemption for Ta\’amu. Depending on the health of safety Ryan Clark, who suffered a concussion in the win Sunday over the Washington Redskins, safety Damon Cromartie-Smith could be the player that is waived to get the roster back down to 53. Cromartie-Smith had been promoted from the practice squad on Saturday to play special teams because cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke was benched by Tomlin for the game.

The Steelers are expected to sign offensive lineman John Malecki back to the practice squad on Tuesday. Malecki was the player waived to make room for Cromartie-Smith on Saturday and has since cleared waivers.

  • SteelSpine

    Hopefully at next Tomlin press conference reporters ask Tomlin why re-signed Taamu insteda released him. The chase incident had so many aspects more dangerous than Santonio Holmes smoking pot. Holmes was a much better player than Taamu yet Holmes was immediately dumped (tho for a draft pick). Taamu probly wouldnt fetch us a draft pick in a trade, so I’m curious why is the staff is keeping him. I know a difference was Holmes was going to be suspended 4 games. By re-signing Taamu the staff has something in mind & I guess we’ll eventually find out (i.e. shopping to teams for a 7th round draftpick?), but fans are gonna wanna know why Steelers se-signed him.

    Full details of that Taamu incident (insteda just summary) indicated many dangerous parts of that incident. (I forget where the most details were but it was probly PostGazette). Steelers brass should know that during a future national broadcast game (maybe as soon as Giants game) during a lull in action or as soon as Hampton gets hurt, cameras will shift to Taamu on sideline & depending on how much the TV annoucer then teases viewers about what Taamu did, viewers will scramble online to read the details. Maybe Steelers brass assumes viewers will be satisfied that the team itself suspended him 2 games?, but Steeler fans here arent fooled, we know Taamu was going to be inactive for those games anyway.

  • SteelerDave

    SteelSpine, we may not always agree but you always have my respect as a commenter on here.

    I do agree with much of what you are saying but at the same time I cannot give Ta’amu the death sentence as a Steeler. He has a problem and a severe one and I hope that he is forced by some judge to undergo treatment in lieu of a suspended jail sentence and that he makes amends through whatever channels available to do so.

    This incident should serve as his one and only chance as a Steeler.

  • FireTomlinNow!

    While I respect the effort this site makes to be great, I must disagree on this point. Ta’amu (if guilty of charges presented) should be facing a minimum of about 7 years based on his conduct. Attempting to run down cops with a vehicle to escape a DUI is beyond defense. A DUI is a mistake (and a terrible one). Aggravated assult with a vehicle with the intent to kill is vicious and needs to be purged from the team.

  • SteelSpine

    I havent heard or read that the cause of Ta’amu’s actions was a health problem, but I havent read everything since then so I coulda easily missed any finding that a medical problem was the cause of his actions. I’ll take your word on that & I stand corrected.

  • SteelerDave

    By my saying “he has a problem and a severe one” I am not referring to any known health problem, rather quite an obviously severe problem with alcohol and partying. I was not there when he did what he did but I am one for giving one final chance as a player and person to man up and do whatever needs done. Sounds like to me he needs drug and alcohol rehab and mental health assessment.

    I am reminded of Ernie Holmes and the lectures as a kid I got about his infamous incident in which he shot at highway patrolmen after being chased for shooting at trucks on the highway. Holmes played five more seasons for us after that incident and after his football days ended due to his weight issues he went on to become a minister who had his own church in a small town. The Rooney family helped him because he was willing to get the help he needed.

    Turn our backs on Ta’amu? No. Make sure he serves jail time and gets substance abuse help? Absolutely. Next step in my opinion is not for him to stand inactive on the sideline but to be in a treatment facility awaiting his day in court.

  • He is a very young man who made a terrible set of choices. If they can get him help/rehab, he may end up being a very solid citizen and nose tackle. I wish him luck.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Trying to run over cops gets jailtime. Even if was drunk that wont avoid prison time. Plus cops and bouncers get credibility in court. After jail expect probation or parole restricting travel, thats gonna make it tough to make it to games. When is his hearing scheduled for? Anyone know when the hearing will be?