Steelers Winners And Losers – Week 6 – Titans

The Pittsburgh Steelers fell to 2-3 on the season thanks to their 26-23 loss Thursday night in Nashville to the Tennessee Titans. Below is my list of winners and losers for the Steelers in the game, and truthfully the list of losers should be much, much longer.


Ben Roethlisberger – Roethlisberger was not perfect against the Titans but his 24-of-40 passing performance for 363 yards, that included one touchdown and one interception, was the only reason the Steelers had a chance to win this game. The night also included the quarterback performing a few of his patented Houdini-like escapes that enabled him to keep several plays alive. The interception was a result of a forced ball by Roethlisberger and a brilliant catch by Titans cornerback Devin McCourty, who stepped in front of wide receiver Antonio Brown to make the play. The night also included the Steelers quarterback passing Terry Bradshaw to become the franchise\’s all-time passing yardage leader.

Isaac Redman – Redman only rushed for 14 yards on 5 carries, but he chipped in 105 yards receiving in the loss. He is the first Steelers running back to have over 100 yards receiving since Frenchy Fuqua did it in 1970 against the Cleveland Browns. Of the 105 yards receiving Redman had in the game, 79 of it came after the catch.

Chris Rainey – The Steelers rookie running back did not have a carry in the game, but he did have 3 kickoff returns that totaled 97 yards, 1 reception for 12 yards and a punt return for 7 yards. Any player that can contribute 116 in all-purpose yards, no matter how they come, certainly gets a gold star.

Ryan Clark – It is hard to put any player from the Steelers defense on this list, but Clark had a good showing. The Steelers safety led the team in total tackles with 11 and his night included solid pass break up on a ball to Titans tight end Craig Stevens.


Mike Tomlin – Tomlin did not have the team ready for this road game on a short week. The play in all three phases was sloppy and his decision to let kicker Shaun Suisham attempt a 54 yard field goal with the game in the balance ultimately was a poor one. In addition, Tomlin very well may have iced his own kicker by calling a timeout prior to the kick.

Ike Taylor – Taylor had a nightmarish game and it included 2 pass interference and 1 defensive holding penalties against him. The Steelers cornerback also allowed Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt to score the game-tying touchdown with 4:19 left in the game. Taylor will likely be credited for allowing 6 catches in the game, with 5 being good for 10 yards or more.

Ryan Mundy – Mundy blew his assignment on a late first quarter punt that resulted in rookie punter Drew Butler suffering his first blocked punt of his young career. Mundy and long snapper Greg Warren crossed signals and Titans linebacker Tim Shaw was the recipient of a free run, and the Titans took over at the Steelers one-yard line following the recovery. Mundy barely cracked the stat sheet as he had just one assisted tackle on special teams.

Keenan Lewis – Lewis registered 6 total tackles in the game to go along with 3 defensed passes, but his drop of a poorly thrown pass by Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck that was intended for wide receiver Nate Washington could of sealed the game for the Steelers. The ball hit Lewis right in the hands and he has to make that catch.

  • Ben and Lewis should not have been on either list, The pick in the redzone and failure on the game winning drive should have kept Ben off the winners list. And one dropped INT in light of the rest of his night doesn’t earn him a spot on the loser list.

  • SteelSpine

    I add Colon to the loser list, just based on failed to live up to potential (the alleged potential). Colon was pushed back into Ben for a sack by a single defender but Colon is the guy whom articles had said this offseason (at PG) that his teammates said Colon’s “so strong & tough & nasty & wide, nobody will be able to move him”. Plus his experience at OTackle should make him an above-average blocker at guard. He received much easy money from Steelers the past few years, & insteda paying off more than a FA-level guard, he will go the way of Kemoeatu (bye after this year). Funny thing is it was Kemo who had the reputation for penalties & not living up to his size.

    Ike: How does a veteren NOT know he cant mug & club receivers all the way down the field, he is clubbing & holding receivers continually after 5 yards & that’s never been allowed (& I dont wanna read any homer say our team is the only CBs in NFL penalized for it). And this year anyone wanting 9 yards can get it all day by throwing for 9 yards at Tayler. Before next draft, better re-evaluate our young CBs to see if we need to add CB to our list of high priorities in next draft. Our young CBs Allen & Brown must step up because we cannot afford to use our 1st round pick on a CB instead of other needs. We already need 2 first-round picks for a safety & an OLB.

  • Cols714

    Worilds should be on the winners list. And as others have pointed out, Colon on the losers list.

  • The failure on the game winning drive was not on Ben even if I too feel like he should not be on the winners list because of a 2 or 3 sloppy drives in the middle of the game. 2nd down was Batsch’s fault. 3rd down was Heath’s and Mike Adams fault.

  • Two plays where Ike was truly wretched (and he sucked on a lot more) – the firsst one was the penalty he took on a freaking 3 yard pass on a 3rd and 10. All he had to do was let the guy catch it and he tackled him. The second one was three plays later whre Britt bobbled the ball and if Ike was anywhere close to him, he could havae batted the ball down.

  • Pete

    Lets face it. This is not the Steelers run defense of even a few years ago. Since the Ravens opener last season, the Steelers have given up uncharacteristic run yardage. Maybe they need another young Aaron Smith? Anyone can run on the Steelers now. This means the mantra of “take away the run and make the offense one dimensional” no longer works. CJ picked up 91 yds on only 19 carries.

    As for Ike Taylor, he’s always been one of the biggest jersey grabbers in the league along with Cromartie of the Jets. Taylor just doesn’t get called for it that often. Kind of like how the refs usually let the O line holding go on most plays.