2012 NFL Week 10 Stats – Adjusted Net Yards Per Passing Attempt Differential

Week 10 of the 2012 season is history and below are the ANYPPAD (Adjusted Net Yards Per Passing Attempt Differential) stats year to date. This stat is great for tracking teams success over the season and is a great measuring stick to show which teams might be headed for the post season and which teams might be staying at home as it is based around the passing offense and passing defense of all 32 teams.

If you want to get a better understanding of the stat, read here and here is the final regular season ANYPPAD stats from last year.

The Pittsburgh Steelers climbed up one spot this week despite their differential staying at 1.60. Of course the big thing right now moving forward with both the Steelers and the Chicago Bears is the injuries to Ben Roethlisberger and Jay Cutler. Cutler will likely only miss one game while Roethlisberger is in jeopardy of missing several. Keep a close on the Steelers offensive ANY/A number moving forward with Byron Leftwich behind the wheel.

The Steelers of course face the Baltimore Ravens two times over the course of the next three weeks and the two teams are pretty similar when it comes to this stat. Roethlisberger being out is of course huge and the play of Leftwich will obviously play a huge role in the Sunday night game and possible the game in week 13 in addition.

Are the Indianapolis Colts for real with a negative differential number? The thing going forward for them right now is their schedule outside of the New England Patriots, who they play this coming week. They aren\’t going to run the table, but they do have a good shot at winning at least four more games to finish their season 10-6. They might end up being a playoff team with a negative differential number when all is said and done. Realistically, I think they finish 9-7 when the smoke clears.

The Cincinatti Bengals could be a team to watch right now in the AFC. They needed that win over the New York Giants this past Sunday and they realistically could win their next five games based on what the current ANYPPAD stats show us. This could really set up some crucial games against the Ravens and the Steelers in the final two weeks of the season.

The Denver Broncos face the San Diego Chargers this week. If you are a Steelers fan you want the Chargers to go ahead and get their sixth loss. The game is in Denver and in my opinion it would be a huge upset if the Chargers won.

DEN 230331270521611 698.15199332217316 10312075.063.09
HOU 175280203613711 786.54174319190613 11251424.442.09
GNB 220329241026529 1667.09200350239413 10282025.301.8
SEA 159255187516819 1276.2320535221359 9281734.571.66
CHI 1632751908121028 2004.9420334521178 19261823.341.60
PIT 216331236017419 1076.89149274162611 51686 5.291.60
SFO 168243193713529 1766.6018431118898 6171185.061.54
ATL 240351277120719 1387.35186292225211 11211305.901.44
TAM 155273225718513 898.05242367298216 151590 6.641.41
BAL 188313236113719 1186.5920633524328 10161085.790.80
CIN 2043162402191122 1266.39210311229612 7271846.030.37
NEW 233361266218315 1037.40219332268319 10201157.100.31
DET 258401289413817 1286.38203307205114 5191236.080.30
NYG 2243662645121113 856.08218342276217 17251845.870.22
STL 183293215311825 1725.79207312223012 8261725.730.06
CAR 158275218981024 1625.81212314227410 6251875.95-0.14
DAL 2393542692131317 1066.0916927120399 4181176.65-0.56
MIA 17629921106918 1445.30213378265612 8241545.93-0.62
ARI 205355222110841 2484.58154278191913 9271685.27-0.69
WAS 17727221049521 1496.52226354280620 101491 7.24-0.72
SDG 2043002203151222 1425.66198309219616 81489 6.40-0.74
PHI 2073482384121029 1605.34181308212214 71494 6.19-0.85
NOR 230374284725916 1127.26219338290219 5211368.14-0.88
OAK 231377272715917 1276.33210318239017 61187 7.21-0.88
MIN 206316202712824 1165.27232365247417 5261836.15-0.89
IND 208362263110921 1305.99187297219315 4211216.89-0.90
NYJ 158300190010922 1384.84158279191712 71683 5.96-1.13
CLE 185336208891214 834.70208338233216 10201015.87-1.17
BUF 1852972011171115 715.72190307233718 6201207.06-1.33
TEN 217353230413718 1255.73254359276120 91699 7.09-1.36
JAX 181314185310725 1904.5719931923109 51045 6.75-2.18
KAN 179305191661519 1073.87147242202718 6151017.84-3.97
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